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Instability is an Alliance Late Night Progression guild on the Server of Garrosh!


Instability was formed on the server of Garrosh after free transfers were available. The guild since that has tackled and is progressing through all content available to us.

Raid ScheduleEdit

The following is our normal raid schedule

  • Tuesday: 9:45 PM - 2:00 AM Server
  • Wednesday: 9:45 PM - 2:00 AM Server
  • Thursday: 9:45 PM - 2:00 AM Server
  • Friday: 10:00 PM - 1/2:00 AM Server ALT RAID OPTIONAL

Guild FeaturesEdit

  • We use EPGP for our loot system

Officers Edit

Anonymous, Guildmaster 
Tinkerrbell, Officer 
Chickencow, Officer 
Sylvanerian, Officer 
Heimdall, Officer 
Nightwinds, Officer 
Huzapaw, Officer 


If you wish to apply, visit or contact one of our officers listed above in-game.

Raid ProgressionEdit


Flame Levi. Razor. Ignis XT-Decon. Kologarn Iron Coun. Auriaya Hodir Thorim Freya Mimiron Gen. Vezax Yogg Saron Algalon
10 man Money achievement The Siege of Ulduar Money achievement The Antechamber of Ulduar Money achievement The Keepers of Ulduar Money achievement The Descent into Madness Money achievement Observed
5/03/09 5/03/09 5/03/09 5/03/09 5/09/09 5/09/09 5/09/09 6/14/09 6/14/09 6/14/09 6/14/09 11/09/09 11/09/09
Hard Mode 8/29/09 9/04/09 7/24/09 7/27/09 5/24/09 8/29/09 7/04/09 7/18/09 8/31/09 9/14/09 10/20/09 10/26/09 1L-11/9/09
25 Man Money achievement Heroic: The Siege of Ulduar Money achievement Heroic: The Antechamber of Ulduar Money achievement Heroic: The Keepers of Ulduar Money achievement Heroic: The Descent into Madness Money achievement Heroic: Observed
4/15/09 4/23/09 5/1/09 4/23/09 4/29/09 4/29/09 5/7/09 5/4/09 5/21/09 5/29/09 6/26/09 7/13/09 10/1/09
Hard Mode 10/21/09 11/12/09 6/16/09 10/29/09 6/10/09

Onyxia (Level 80)Edit

Raid Size Date Killed
10 Man 9/22/09
25 Man 9/22/09

Trial of the CrusaderEdit

Raid Size North. Beasts Lord Jar. Faction Champ. Twin Valk. Anub'Arak
10 man 8/04/09 8/11/09 8/18/09 8/25/09 9/04/09
25 Man 8/06/09 8/11/09 8/20/09 8/26/09 9/09/09

Trial of the Grand CrusaderEdit

Raid Size North. Beasts Lord Jar. Faction Champ. Twin Valk. Anub'Arak Money achievement A Tribute to Skill Money achievement A Tribute to Mad Skill Money achievement A Tribute to Insanity Money achievement A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity
10 man 10/01/09 10/01/09 10/08/09 10/12/09 10/22/09 10/22/09
25 Man 12/1/09 12/1/09

Icecrown CitadelEdit

Raid Size The Grand Entrance The Crimson Hall The Plagueworks The Frostwing Hall The Frozen Throne
Money achievement Storming the Citadel Money achievement The Plagueworks Money achievement The Crimson Hall Money achievement The Frostwing Halls Money achievement Fall of the Lich King
Lady Morrowgar Lady Deathwhisper Gunship The Deathbringer Festergut Rotface Professor Putricide Blood Prince Council Queen Lana'thel Valithria Dreamwalker Sindragosa The Lich King
10 man 12/9/09 Money achievement 12/9/09 12/9/09 12/9/09 Money achievement 1/5/10 1/6/10 1/20/09 1/24/09
25 man 12/8/09 12/9/09 12/9/09 12/16/09 Money achievement 1/5/10 1/7/10

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