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Logistical Data

Current State of Immortalis

  • Clearing Karazhan actively with two groups.
  • Not recruiting. Will take applications from people with that certain special something.

About Immortalis

Immortalis was founded in Feb. '07 by 3 friends who started gaming together in 'Dark Age of Camelot' way back 2003 (maybe earlier). Tired of the "hard-core" mentality, they set out to create a casual raiding guild. We currently have in the neighborhood of 75 members (not counting the some 150 alts).

Guild Leadership

Hedwig/Kristy, Guildmaster 
The name reference is to the musical, not the owl!
Pharoah, Founding Officer 
Keep him away from the alterac swiss.
Aynde/Viduus, Founding Officer 
Doire, Officer 
I like bear butts and I cannot lie!
Guldall, Officer 
The winner of yesterday's staring contest. And the one before that. And the one before that...
Gordina, Officer 
An alt for every occasion!
Thanathale/Dreamevil, Officer
Fastest leveler this side of Azeroth!
Nihta, Officer 
Closet hunter.
Aarriona, Officer 
A fine cross between hard liquor and the Bloodhound Gang.
Necrim, Officer 
My computer blowed up :(
Steef, Trial Officer 
Boukhshi, Trial Officer
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