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Guild: Ice (Executus EU)

Recruitment Edit

We looking for new recruits to improve our raiding squad and progress further through hard modes and heroic content.

We raid 3 days per week:

- Wednesday, 19.30-23.30
- Sunday, 19.30-23.30
- Monday, 19.30-23.30

As you can see we are raiding not as often as many other guilds, but we still manage to stay amongst top Horde guilds on Executus. We call ourselves casual-hardcore. Casual - because of three raid days. Hardcore - because of effort we put into raiding.

Our progress: - Halfus Heroic (25)
- Chimaeron Heroic (25)
- Maloriak Heroic (25)
- Atramedes Heroic (25)
- Magmaw Heroic (25)

We are looking for:

- Holy Paladin
- Warlock
- Hunter
- Tank (Prefferably a Prot Paladin)

If you think that Ice fits your needs and expectations, feel free to leave an application on our forums.

If your class / specc is not on the list above and you still want to leave your application - do it! We are always open for good raiders and friendly people.

If you have any questions or wish to make private application do not hesitate to talk to Kahnuna, Bombouzzo, Nightcrowler, Kyro or Ker.

WoW is easy game, but to play this game in Ice you need to have brain and know how to use it. What we expect from recruits in general is dedication and commitment as well as positive attitude towards raiding and your guildmates. If you can't be bothered to max two professions or get an exalted rep. enchant, if you go AFK often or can't attend most of our raids we are not a place for you.

Our perfect recruit should also:

- Come 100% prepared (flasked, well fed) for each raid and stay focused during whole raid.
- Be ready to wipe on progress raids.
- Have gear on par with our progress (min. ICC 25) with proper gems and enchants.
- Be comfortable with the English language and not afraid to speak on vent.
- Have sense of humor and remember that WoW is just a game.
- Having offspec with decent gear is a big plus.
- Obvious things are obvious, but you should have perfect knowledge of your class and...
- ...know tactics (aka kill bosses in game not on youtube).

What we can offer?:

We are stable PvE raiding guild that consists of old Voodoo and Paradise Hotel members with Vanila experience and memories.

We are mature people that know how to differ real life and computer games thus we play to have fun. We have our lifes outside WoW and that's why we raid only 3 dais per week.

We are very social and friendly, but on the other side, we are dedicated raiders and when we raid we require our members to do their best and do it in extreme way pushing their skills to the limit. We are guild that focuses on heroic modes but we are still clearing farm content each week.

History Edit

Once upon a time in June 2009...

Some of the core from Voodoo went to Neophyte, the rest wanted to raid, but Voodoo was short of people to fill in raids on the beginning of vacations.
Due to incomming holiday season another guild faced similar problem - The Paradise Hotel. There was just one option to go on with raiding...
New guild was formed with remaining core players of Voodoo and Paradise Hotel. This new guild is Ice!

Contact Persons Edit

Kahnuna (GM)
Ker (Officer)
Zinnaroth (Officer)
Bombouzzo (Officer)
Yornibal (Officer)

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