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House of Zerrandaes is a mature, casual RP guild with a few members that like to use their imagination to have a good time in game!

This guild was formed on Argent Dawn and is based on the online game Drowtales: Path to Power as the main characters were ported over from that world into WoW. For more information you can contact Luanar or Raethzar in game.


When dealing with the family members of the House of Zerr'andaes, one needs to know a bit of prehistory in where they and their society hail from. During the time when the Pandaren and Night Elf empires were allies (before the Night Elves became addicted to arcane magic and summoned the Burning Legion to Azeroth), the underground city of Shifaye'sindil was founded by a group of Night Elves escaping the evil their people had unleashed after the last Pandarian Emperor shrouded the continent of Pandaria protecting and hiding it. These Kaldorei had been major allies of the Pandarian, as they had been heavily trained in their chi-based fighting style and made it the center of their culture, a unique martial arts system called Tir'ay which every member of the Tei'Kaliath was trained in since they could walk (to varying degrees).

Eventually this city became cut off from the outside world, as generations of Tei'Kaliath Kaldorei lived and died in the city under what became known as Westfall in present day (there was a hidden egress to the city via the Deadmines, but it is long gone now). However as time passed, the ruling classes in the city became restless as their malcontent eventually erupted into a full out civil war for control of the city. This unrest was also compounded by the fact that the renegade Horde barbarians known as the Siyah khorshed or Black Sun discovered the underground city ripe for the plundering, which not only resulted in the destruction of the city, but the formation of the Raging Chasm where the city's location used to be under Westfall.

The surviving Tei'Kaliath fled for their lives, many ending up in Darnassus as refugees being taken in by their Night Elf cousins there. Several have regrouped into Family units, The House of Zerr'andaes being one of them, led by Lua'nar and her mate Raeth. The family is open to anyone to join and their current goal is to make their way in the world and possibly find a new place for the Tei'Kaliath survivors to settle and start again...

Guild rules

  • This is a mature, heavy RP guild. While we do run dungeons and level, we're here primarily to RP and have fun!
  • We do use MyRolePlay (MRP) and members are expected to install that Add-on soon after joining if not before.
    • Some of us also use Gryphonheart Items (GHI), thus a suggested Add-on to install to help enrich your RP experience with us. Also, npcTalk and Tongues is another extremely useful Add-on.
  • Please send Luanar or Raethzar a message if you wish to join as we would like to RP with you a bit to see if you'd be a good fit for the guild before confirming your membership.


Current Guild Officers:

Inv misc questionmarkUi-charactercreate-classes druid Luanar, Matron
Guild leader and Matron of the Family. Open for RP and contact for more info on joining our guild.
Inv misc questionmarkUi-charactercreate-classes hunter Raethzar, Patron
Lua'nar's mate; open for RP and contact for more info on joining our guild.
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