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About Hex Edit

Hex is a guild founded by Tzatziki, Aegnor and Kesela on the horde-side of Nagrand-EU. The guild officially opened its doors at Saturday the 17th of May 2008.

Hex is a small-scale progressive raiding guild in World of Warcraft active on the European Nagrand server. We are catering for adult players who enjoy the social qualities of a multiplayer game but still want to play the game seriously and experience high-end PvE content. To fulfill our vision of progressive raiding following a limited raid schedule in a social atmosphere we emphasize time management, team-work and personal responsibility. Our members are expected to be humble social people with a professional attitude when it comes to raiding.

In short we’re aiming to keep a good balance between real life obligations, friendship and progressive raiding.

For further information, please visit our guild website at

Recruitment InformationEdit

Recruitment to Hex is selective, our focus is on small-scale raids and we have no intention on sacrificing our ideals for mass recruitment. We recruit like-minded people who, as us, are looking to combine the social aspects of the game with small-scale progressive raiding.

Our current recruitment status can always be found on our guild website. All applicants should share our vision as described in the Hex guild ethos.


Trexx (GM)

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