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Hello Kitty Club has been a focused semi-hardcore raiding guild ever since the days of the Burning Crusade. Many of the core members have been raiding together for the past 7+ years and have combined to log many years of in-game time and experience. With the age of the guild, many of the core members have grown from high school/college students into adults with careers and families. As such, they treat each other with respect and the raids are mature and enjoyable.

Hello Kitty Club has made the Akama US server its home for all those years and it has seen better days. Currently, Akama US is merged with Dragonmaw US and Mug'thol US...both have a heavily horde dominated population and is now considered to be in the Pacific Standard Time Zone.

Guild Information

Hello Kitty Club leadership is comprised of the Guild Master and 5 officers. HKC uses an unbiased loot council system that factors in raid performance, attendance, and Best-in-Slot upgrades over regular upgrades.

Hello Kitty Club has taken pride in being one of the oldest and strongest guilds on Akama. When applying, HKC looks not only at skill but at whether or not future raiders will be able to mesh with our community. HKC has a simplistic application process on their website that is geared toward gathering basic information and then the Guild Master or one of the officers contacting them in-game for further questioning.

That being said, HKC does expect members to have a working knowledge of their class and spec. They also prefer that members have prior raiding experience in a 25 man setting and a computer that is up to par with current gaming graphics. Hello Kitty Club requires that raiders be able to make raid times for progression nights, and show up for farm nights if they need gear from current content. Any instance where a raider cannot make a raid needs to be reported to an officer prior to the raid night.

All raiding materials, enchants, gems, food buffs, crafting materials, crafted gear/weapons, and gold for repairs are provided via the HKC guild bank. It is not required that members make donations to the guild bank however, many of the guild members and officers put a lot of time and gold into keeping the bank stocked of all materials and any help is appreciated.

Guild Master History

  • Aurongodx: 2013-
  • Beastcloud: 2011-2012
  • Warant: 2010-2011
  • Aurongodx: 2008-2010
  • Melona: 2006-2008

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Aurongodx, Guildmaster
Current Guild Leader of Hello Kitty Club. This is his second stint at being the guild leader, the first time was during Burning Crusade when he was promoted to GM after the guilds first Illidan Stormrage kill. Aurongodx was apart of the original officer core when HKC converted into a raiding guild in during the Burning Crusade. Along with also being one of the main tanks of HKC, Aurongodx also focuses much of his time toward the guilds various social media outlets.
Rouk, Officer/Raid Leader
Current Officer and Raid Leader of Hello Kitty Club. Rouk is a veteran member of the guild and was one of the core healers on his Holy Paladin during the the guilds Burning Crusade content push. Currently, Rouk raids on his Arm/Fury Warrior and plays an active role in guild decisions along with being raid leader.
Luceous, Officer
Current Officer and all-around great guy of Hello Kitty club. Luceous has been a veteran member of HKC dating back to the guilds Burning Crusade content push. Luceous is a man of few words but is always there when someone in the guild needs a hand with something. Plays an active role in guild decisions.
Acidrokz, Healing Officer
Current Officer and Healing Officer of Hello Kitty Club. Acidrokz has been a devoted member of HKC dating back to the guilds Wrath of the Lich King content push. When Acidrokz isn't topping the healing meters in raids, he is usually involved in guild decisions.
Idiotfrmbhnd, Officer
Current Officer of Hello Kitty Club. Idiotfrmbhnd AKA "Starwnd" has been apart of HKC since the guilds switch to raiding back in Burning Crusade. Starwnd has also been raiding with Aurongodx since Vanilla, dating back to the guild "Destinys Twilight" on the Azshara. Plays an active role in guild based decisions.
Pokester, Officer
Current Officer of Hello Kitty Club. Pokester has been with HKC since its resurgence back to 25 man status in Mists of Pandaria. One of the coolest members of the guild, Pokester brings a level of awesomeness and valuable life experience to the officer core. Pokester is always making sure that the guild bank is stocked and ready to go for raids and is always playing an active role in guild based decisions.

Weekly Raid Schedule

  • Sunday - Off
  • Monday - Off
  • Tuesday, 5:00 PM Server - 9:00 PM Server
  • Wednesday, 5:00 PM Server - 9:00 PM Server
  • Thursday, 5:00 PM Server - 9:00 PM Server
  • Friday - Off
  • Saturday - Off

Raid Progress

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Tier 14

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Hello Kitty Club was created December 14th, 2006 when Melona decided to make an alt/pvp guild to the raiding guild Unleashed. During the summer of 2007, HKC was converted into one of Akamas most dominant raiding guilds in its history which consisted of some of the best pvpers on Akama along with transfers from the Azshara server.

Burning Crusade/Wrath of the Lich King - The Melona/Aurongodx Years

During the summer of 2007, a guild from the Azshara server decided to transfer to Akama with the hopes of better raid progression on a higher population server. The initial guild they formed was Recently Bandaged and it had little to no success raiding tier 5 content and fell apart shortly after its creation. With the members having no place to go, Melona and Soulsphere saw this as an opportunity to turn her alt/pvp guild into something more. She recruited them and made Aurongodx, Soulsphere, and Meowmimi officers. Hello Kitty Club as a raiding guild was born. HKC had immediate success in early tiers of the content due to its raid leader, Khimaru having had experience in guiding raid groups through the boss encounters. However due to out of game circumstances, Khimaru departed shortly after HKC downed Morogrim Tidewalker in Serpent Shrine Cavern. Aurongodx was the next choice as raid lead and his obscure boss strategies (spamming the S key on Leotheras the Blind) along with his laughable rants that would go on in Ventrilo over wipes, made him quite a force to be reckoned with. Hello Kitty Club tore through content catching up to other top guilds on the server, becoming one of the few guilds on Akama to down Lady Vashj and Kael'thas Sunstrider.

In preparation for Tier 6 content, HKC began attuning new members of the guild to Hyjal and Black Temple. This meant that HKC "purchased" raid lockouts from lesser guilds in order to get Vashj and Kael kills without having to do the other bosses. There was never a dull moment during these and sadly this sometimes resulted in guild drama over who should get loot and ultimately broke lesser guilds apart.

Progression through tier 6 content was very steady early on and HKC downed the first 4 bosses in Mount Hyjal with little to no resistance. Archimonde would prove to be one of HKC's hardest foes in its history. Taking little over a month of solely working on Archimonde before finally downing him. Everything was on the table for this boss, HKC attempted multiple strats...some which proved questionable (tanking under the World Tree to the whole raid spread out on the side of the mountain) to borderline bannable (the "Log Strat"). Ultimately, the time it took to clear all of Black Temple including killing Illidan Stormrage took less time than it took to just down Archimonde. HKC then became the second guild on Akama to down Illidan Stormrage. Along with the first guild on Akama to get a Warglaive, of which the guild managed to get 2 complete sets for its rogues Duckeh and Cassindra. Shortly after HKC’s first Illidan Stormrage kill, Melona decided to step down as Guild Master and she pasted the power to Aurongodx. During Sunwell content, Hello Kitty Club wanted to cement its place at the top of Akama raid progression by starting off fast and ruthless. On its first 2 nights of attempts facing Kalecgos, HKC put forth an amazing effort and a total of 56 attempts achieving server second on for the kill. Brutallus proved to be a large step up in difficulty. With the dps boost of having not one but two Warglaive rogues, HKC managed to achieve server second on Brutallus.

Felmyst proved to be the first true roadblock, it required healing and coordination that overwhelmed the raid group. In turn, HKC had some of its best players to move on to further progressed guilds elsewhere. Hello Kitty Club was forced to rebuild its raid core and due to these circumstances the guild did not manage to down any of the other bosses in Sunwell until a content nerf. After the content nerf, HKC quickly cleared the rest of Sunwell before the upcoming expansion and still managed a server second kill of Kil’Jaeden.

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King, the basis of which raiding content had changed drastically. HKC rose to this challenge by clearing the first tier raids (Sartharion, Naxxramas, and Malygos) on both 10man and 25man versions. Hello Kitty Club completed all “hardmode” achievements for tier 7 content with the exception of the Immortal Title from 25man Naxxramas. To touch on the Immortal Title failure by Hello Kitty Club, let it be known that HKC failed at this achievement FOUR separate times DURING the Kel'thuzad encounter. Aurongodx even managed to record one of the failed attempts which can be seen on the guilds YouTube channel.

Tier 8 content released Ulduar and HKC completed both 10man and 25man variations along with many of its “hardmode” achievements in 10man and 25man. Most importantly, HKC completed the necessary requirements needed to craft the legendary healing mace for its restoration shaman Shebalo. Regarding Shebalo, she and Hello Kitty Club were also featured in the World Of Warcraft Magazine which ran an article about HKC's loot system. That article can be read on the guilds website.

Tier 9 content brought even more raiding options introducing both 10man and 25man raids along with 10man heroic and 25man heroic versions of Trial of the Grand Crusader, none of which shared a lockout. Hello Kitty Club completed both 10man and its heroic counterpart. However HKC never completed all of heroic 25man ToGC, leaving Anub’arak undefeated.

By the time Tier 10 was released with the Icecrown Citadel, it now shared a lockout between normal and heroic versions due to the amount of burnout that guilds were receiving from Tier 9 content. Hello Kitty Club progressed slower than it had in past tiers through this raid instance and by the time they managed to defeat Sindragosa as well as defeat the Lich King on 10 man normal, Aurongodx decided it was time to step down from GM and pass leadership and raid leading roles to Warant.

Wrath of the Lich King/Cataclysm - The Warant/Beastcloud Years

Shortly after Warant assumed the role as Guild Master, Hello Kitty Club began to excel as it once did in the past by defeating the Lich King on 25man and eventually completing all but the Lich King on 25man Heroic. Various achievements were also accomplished in 25man as well as 10man, along with Warant, Menya and Luceous crafting the legendary Shadowmourne weapon during content. One last content push before the expansion came with the release of Ruby Sanctum and recording the server second Halion kill.

With the release of Cataclysm and the change to how content was released where both 10man and 25man would award the same item level loot and achievements, Hello Kitty Club struggled in the 25 man version and decided to become a 10man raiding guild and managed to clear all the normal mode content of the Tier 11. However with the poor performance in the heroic versions of the encounters and only managing to defeat 1 boss on heroic, Warant decided that it was his time to retire from the game. With some consulting from Aurongodx, leadership of the guild was passed on to Beastcloud.

Beastcloud managed to keep the guild afloat for long enough to see Tier 12 content be released being Firelands. However with its poor performance and only being able to successfully down 1 boss on normal mode, Hello Kitty Club officially boarded up its doors and went inactive. Let it be noted that HKC did not participate in Tier 13 content. Beastcloud retained Guild Master up until weeks prior to the launch of Mists of Pandaria. However with a new “dethrone” option that was added to the game, the guild was stolen from him and became dormant and useless for that point on.

Mists Of Pandaria - Godx Returns

Aurongodx had returned to World Of Warcraft after taking an expansion off. Coming back at the end of Cataclysm, he joined up with a few of the original core of HKC in a guild called "Learning Curve". This guild had a lot of success in 10 man content throughout Cataclysm, largely in part from what they learned in HKC during Burning Crusade and WotLK. Come the end of Cataclysm, the group in Learning Curve decided to quit the game and left Aurongodx at the Guild Leader position once more. Aurongodx reached out to some old friends in the game and attempted to bring some old HKC members back into the raid scene for Mists of Pandaria. With limited success the group decided it would try its hand at being absorbed by the guild "Out of Pride". Unfortunately this did not work out either. Old Hello Kitty Club members were left at a crossroads on whether or not to transfer off Akama or stay and attempt to make something work.

Throughout all of this guild hopping, Hello Kitty Club laid dormant. Its current guild master, when active, refused to give ownership back to Aurongodx or Beastcloud at the beginning of Mists of Pandaria and removed everyone but his personal friends from the guild. Once that owner went inactive during Tier 15 content, some random player (named Eggers) somehow gained control of the guild. This random player (Eggers) had been in the guild for years inactive managed to “dethrone” the current owner and was trying to sell the guild for upwards of 150k gold. Aurongodx seized this moment to regain control of the guild he had helped build over the years and along with a generous donation of 10k gold from long time guild mate Thanos, Hello Kitty Club was purchased for a total of 20k gold with Aurongodx at the Guild Master position once again.

Mists Of Pandaria - HKC Revival

In the weeks prior to the new patch, Aurongodx and officers had been busy mass recruiting and getting in touch with old contacts in order to try and throw something together for a raid group to tackle the new raid tier. HKC did manage to clear all of the 5.0 Tier 14 raid content (Mogu'Shan Vaults, Heart Of Fear, and Terrance of the Endless Spring) as well as the 5.2 Tier 15 raid content (Throne of Thunder) on normal mode difficulty.

During this time HKC looked to make a dent in the Challenge Mode area of progression. With the difficulty of Burning Crusade heroics coupled with a very tight timer, the original 5 man dungeons released with Mists provided to be a great place to fine tune ones skills when changed to this difficulty. Also with the in-game ability to keep track of the realm best times for completing the dungeons, this gave HKC a way to put itself back on the progression map. Hello Kitty Club completed all 9 challenge modes with gold metals and in total of 5 realm best times. Thanks can be given to Devotional for assisting members in the guild during runs and he still strives for the realm best times as ours have since been beaten. HKC was also only the second alliance guild to complete this feat (the first being Out Of Pride which was also completed with some of the same members in HKC).

Patch 5.4 really brought out the best Hello Kitty Club could offer given its current raiding roster and ability. This patch added a new raid difficulty called "Flex Mode" that HKC pursued as its main raiding progression for the first few weeks. Raiding Flex Mode allowed for current and new members of the guild to gear quickly while still progressing and learning fights on an easier scale of difficulty. Along with the ability to raid with any number of players at once between 10 and up to 25 people, the encounters adjusted in difficulty to the amount you brought inside. This allowed for quick gearing and exposure to encounters. The final benefit that HKC used to its advantage was the fact that you could invite members from across different realms to raid with you. This allowed for many interesting raid nights ranging from random pugs to players that have come and gone over the guilds 6 year span of existence.

The raid that was added for tier 16 was Seige of Orgrimmar. This raid tier consisted of 14 bosses combining many different challenges that favored different raid compositions. Progressing though flex mode began smooth and had high turnout with the first boss kills consisting of 20+ HKC members in raid. Toward the end raid bosses the raid became smaller and we started forming a decent group that would then take into 10 man normal. Hello Kitty Club achieved a few server first boss kills on flex throughout progression and ended in 5th place server wide after downing Garrosh Hellscream. Progressing though the 10 man normal difficulty of Seige of Orgrimmar started off slow and recruitment fell off as players began to go afk due to real life issues or otherwise. However, the ever so resourceful Aurongodx managed to start hunting for some old school raid talent. He stumbled across Rouk and he was looking to get back into raiding again. He and many of his friends transferred back to Akama to join with us and start rolling through SoO. Whereas before they had arrived, HKC had only managed to down 2 of the 14 bosses in the raid instance, afterward HKC downed 9 bosses in 9 days and soon after was second on the alliance side with only Garrosh Hellscream still standing.

HKC decided to halt raiding through the holiday season of 2013 in order to spend time with family and such. Even still, some players decided to get groups together during the time off and clear Mogu'Shan Vaults on Heroic difficulty. During this time our server Akama was merged with another horde dominated realm being Dragonmaw in order to up total population. It will be interesting to see what this holds for the servers going forward. After taking just over one month off from raiding, Hello Kitty Club wasted no time getting back into the swing of progression. With the raid starting to mesh well together as a team, in only two nights of attempts, HKC downed Garrosh Hellscream. HKC also began recording boss kills again and decided it was in the guilds best interest to start a guild forums for the place of discussing future guild recruits. Hello Kitty Club is currently progressing through Heroic Mode content in Seige of Orgrimmar and has also benefited from the realm merger of Dragonmaw, picking up a few new recruits. Currently, the next realm set for merger is Mug'thol. This server has little to no benefit for alliance players, Mug'thol has an Alliance to Horde ratio of 1 : .02. It will be interesting to see what this holds for Akama and Dragonmaw going forward.

Mists Of Pandaria - HKC 25m Raid Resurgence

Shortly after the Mug'thol merger, the alliance as a whole on Akama and Dragonmaw were feeling the negative effects of being on the short end of a horde dominated stick. HKC had a successful 10 man raid progressing through Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar with the first 3 bosses down as well as placing third overall after completing all Heroic 5.0 content by going back and finishing Heroic Heart of Fear and Heroic Terrace of the Endless Spring. Due to faction imbalance, HKC decided it was in its best interest to return to a 25 man raid structure in order to keep alliance numbers static and help with recruitment. With blizzard releasing many catch up tools such as the purchase a level 90 and the free level 90 with a pre-order of the next expansion, many old school Hello Kitty raiders were returning to the game and our bench had just grown too large for 10m raiding.

After several weeks of scanning the available options on Akama and Dragonmaw for players willing to join with us to raid 25 man, HKC absorbed a guild called Sorrow. Along with other recruits, HKC managed to full clear 25 man Seige of Orgrimmar and become the first alliance guild on Akama/Dragonmaw/Mug'thol to record a 25 man Garrosh Hellscream kill! At the present time Hello Kitty Club has put 10m progression on hold and is striving to gear out returning players and work on 25 man heroics.

Over the next 8 weeks following the first 25m Garrosh kill, HKC managed to not only gear new players but progress at a steady rate downing at least one new heroic boss a week if not multiple heroic bosses. During April and May HKC managed server first alliance side heroic kills of Fallen Protectors, Norushen, Sha of Pride, Galakras, Iron Juggernaut, Kor'Kron Dark Shaman, General Nazgrimm, Malkorok, and Thok the Bloodthirsty. Let it be noted that clever use of game mechanics were involved in the first Nazgrimm and Thok kills. Let it also be noted that during this time, Hello Kitty Club also obtained server second kills Lei Shen and Ra-den in 10m Heroic Throne of Thunder!

With the arrival of summer, a few members took vacations and/or went casual in preparation for Warlords of Draenor. Wildstar Online also released during this time and HKC lost a few members to that MMO. Nevertheless, Hello Kitty Club is currently still working on progressing though 25m Heroic SoO along with the sales of 25m Garrosh Normal kills to players that are less fortunate. To be continued...

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