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Alliance 32 Hellfang strikes a balance between real life and raiding the end-game in World of Warcraft. We are a group of close friends who believe that having fun while progressing through the content is of paramount importance. We are not a hardcore raiding guild striving for server firsts in every released instance. Instead, we are a guild that is serious about end-game content, but also believe in maintaining an environment that is just relaxed enough to keep things fun for everyone. After all, when you come home from a hard day's work, the last thing you need when you log into this virtual world is a bunch of stress, right?

"Adopt, adapt and improve...together"

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Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

Hellfang, has been around since PSO back in 2001. Formed mainly of friends, online friends, and a few stragglers, HELLFANG!!! started out not as a guild but as a battle cry to inform any other fang'ers that you were in the area. Once you had then gotten together, HELLFANG!!! was a battle cry to rally the charge into possible death, or a joyous shout after a victory over insurmountable odds. The rules were simple: Teamwork, self-sacrifice and above all HELLFANG!!! Non fang'ers that ran with Hellfang would eventually be caught joining in. Soon HELLFANG!!! was shouted by all who had known us. It was a way of joining something bigger than you, a way to be a part of something great.

PSO eventually died. After many renditions, many platforms, many revamps, yet Hellfang remained. We had spread out into the online gaming community. We migrated through EQ, EQOA, FFXI, and many others. New friends were added into the mix, and, as always, forever spreading the infectious HELLFANG!!! battle cry where ever we went. In some places we still exist in one form or another.

With the release of World of Warcraft, Hellfang again was there. Racing thru the world of Azeroth, you could hear it on the winds. We had found a new place to call home. We had settled on Icecrown (a Mountain Time zone server). It was a perfect place to make our name heard again. We gained levels, we gained friends, we were tight nit and reliable.

One day we were approached by a druid of Duheru Narion, who talked of endgame, and a similar set of values that made us decide to take the step from a smaller guild into the big world of Endgame Raiding. We shed our Hellfang tabards, leaving only banks and alts to keep the guild alive, and moved to Duheru Narion. Once there, we thrilled in the victory, shared in the agony, and felt comfortable being in a guild with such great people.

Duheru Narion had some issues that sadly resulted in a group of people heading off to another server. Those that were once Hellfang remained to rebuild. Those that were once Hellfang, having proven themselves in the heat of battle, had risen through the ranks and were already in positions of authority within Duheru Narion. They were committed to the success of DN, and under their direction, DN progressed. We were not alone in this progression, and we all had our roles to play.

Time went on and DN did well, eventually reaching Nefarian in BWL and slaughtering him. With teamwork, following directions, and thinking outside the box, DN had accomplished everything we had struggled to achieve.

Then darkness came over the guild. Impossible to determine exactly when it started, or why, but a disagreement within the leadership of the guild caused some to once again move away from Duheru Narion. Those that left did not wish to disrupt the guild, so they took the necessary steps to help ensure the guild would remain.

That’s when Stix was passed the torch of Duheru Narion. Duheru Narion struggled to once again repeat its prior successes in BWL and the like. Eventually, through the hard work of the people that stuck around, we got right back to where we had been before the split.

Real life events took charge as Stix's wife was with child, and he had to step away from the game. Others had the holidays forthcoming. The real world seemed to reach into Azeroth and try to twist and tear Duheru Narion apart.

It almost succeeded, and those that left with visions of better things, and a /farewell were missed. Those that /gquit without a word were often thought about, hopeful that they too would enjoy the fruits of their labors. Some had left leaving a bad taste in the mouth of those that remained, but that’s how it goes at times.

Hellfang remained.

Through thick and thin we were there, through joy and sadness we were there, and through it all Hellfang remained. We looked at the rag tag guild that was left, at what holes there were in the classes. We took pride in the hearts of those that, like us, had remained.

When the legions of the Burning Crusade threatened our way of life, we decided to shed the Duheru Narion Banner and fly once more under the banner that had been with us all along.

Hellfang emerged from its trial by fire, bigger, stronger, and smarter than it was in the past. We take pride in our work, our family, and in all that we do. When the end of the world comes, Hellfang will be there kicking and screaming.


Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM Server time

Guild Rules Edit

  • This is a raiding guild that has respect for our real-lives as well.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be honest.
  • Be mature.

Officers Edit

  • Guildmaster - Stix
  • Class Leaders - Curty (Hunters), Levin (Warriors/Tanks/Melee), Mizzy (Warlocks), Raiko (Mages), Sellwyna (Priests), Xerz (Paladins), Bobwhite (Druids).
  • Officers - Deelmackey, Activus, Baldor, Riaan.
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