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Haven is a medium-roleplay, medium-PvP guild which has various roleplaying and/or PvP events. We are small but friendly and helpful.

This guild was formed on The Venture Co.. Our focus is on roleplaying. We are led by a Council of five players who govern by the charter posted on our site. To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Carridan, Rozz, Stich, Khaliyeh or Darklink in game. (We are often on alts, so check ... Ranks 1 thru 3 are the Councilors.)

Guild progress Edit

We are primarily a leveling guild at this point, with many roleplaying and a few PvP events.

History Edit

Haven was formed by Carridan, Rozz and Stich when their original guild, Thorns of Desolation, became obsolete. The idea behind Haven was to have a guild balanced between leveling, roleplaying and PvP, but without many formal rules (save the basic guild charter which governs the Council). The guild was able to foster a healthy roleplaying environment by not focusing on leveling as quickly as possible but instead creating characters with complex storylines and strong bonds with each other. We soon began meeting regularly in Silvermoon twice a week for scheduled roleplaying sessions. The guild actively promoted in the first several months and needed some officers to assist. These officers, Khaliyeh and Darklink, eventually became part of the Council, expanding it to five Councilors. Lately we have added a "Team 29" battleground group made of a combination of twinked and non-twinked Level 26-29 characters. Currently we are considering making the transition to raiding guild but will attempt the impossible by keeping the leveling and roleplaying aspects intact as we begin raiding. We have no ambitions to become a heavy raiding guild at present.

Guild rules Edit

  • Our guild charter contains the only rules for Haven.
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