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Harbingers is a well rounded Horde guild on the US role-playing realm Shadow Council. Harbingers was formed by real life friends in the Texas/New Mexico area and focuses on PvE/Raiding, PvP/Arena and light Role play. The Harbingers are also allied to Stormtalon Clan, Hellfire Club and Voodoo Reborn.

Guild Information

  • Loot Distribution: Master Looter, Need if you Need, Greed for DE
  • Ranks: Prophet (GM), Herald (Officers), Stargazer (Raiders), Visionary (80s), Oracle (70-79), Soothsayer (60-69), Fortune Teller (50-59), Dreamer (11-49), Seer (1-10), Fraud
  • Ranks are listed by how we know you (IRL or just in Game), some special cases (i.e. Officers and Raiders)
  • WoWwiki editor: Rekarra and Myleena
  • Applications sent to: Any of the Heralds or the Prophet through our website or in game.




  • Prophet: Myleena
  • Heralds: Stragos, Oldcraw, Gentai, Nickodimus, Rekarra, and Felil
  • Stargazers: Deadlylust, Katikis, Pazoo, Telrúnya, Oldsen, Vehmous and Deadlygreed
  • Visionaries: Osirus, Bovidian, Ranii, Weresteak, Pancuronium, Ragnnarokk, Vehmous, Thornstar, Ninekiller, Yepainga, Ghankas, Takishida, Smokinace, and Razzakel
  • Oracles: Hrosskell, Grunndy, Sonnelion, Lilithyia, Ariakus, Lyllin, Deadlywrath, Cragnathor, Mcclure, Deadlysloth, Astraia and Syllangus
  • Soothsayers: Drackner, Eruedraith, Irida, Liras, Vyrminaard, Desiraè and Saffyra
  • Fortune Tellers: Korpuss, Bloodmaiiden, Veloso, Devasti, and Venries
  • Dreamers: Razzhamel, Tamberwolf, Pantheras, Cuisinart, Jachandra, Weejass, Furymane, Kevorin, Wampmachenga, Deadgluttony, Drspank, Nailßunny, Cindalock, Phiphi, Stickjock, Klacktoo, Deserttrip, Nazru, Kevorin, and Myastra
  • Seers: Chokotaycrag

Raid Progression


  • Onyxia: Clear
  • Blackwing Lair: Clear
  • Molten Core: Clear
  • AQ20/40: Clear/Clear
  • Old Naxxaramas: Clear


  • Karazhan: Clear
  • Gruul's Lair: Clear
  • Magtheridon's Lair: Clear
  • Serpentshrine Cavern: Clear
  • The Eye: N/A
  • Hyjal Summit: Clear
  • Black Temple: Clear


  • Naxxaramas 10/25 Man: Clear/N/A
  • Obsidian Sanctum 10/25 Man: Clear/N/A
  • Eye of Eternity 10/25 Man: Clear/N/A
  • Ulduar 10/25 Man: 6 of 14/N/A
  • Trial of the Crusader 10/25 Man: Clear/N/A
  • Trial of the Grand Crusader 10/25 Man Normal: N/A/N/A
  • Trial of the Grand Crusader 10/25 Man Heroic: N/A/N/A


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