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Hall of Reckoning


Active: August 2008 - Present
Leadership Format: Collaborative Council
Type: Heavy Roleplaying, Heavy PvE
Guild Hall: Fairbreeze Village, Senjin Village, Brill, Bloodhoof Village & Razor Hill
Allied Guilds: The Pale Shield, Fist of the Horde Motto: "There is no greater triumph than bringing glory to the Horde!"

Leadership & Other Contacts

Founders: Lotherin Alerys Skyrift & Ul'zhak Hextongue
Officers: Parsalian, Toronian
Contacts: Volmar, Atresha, Kalrin, Choshige

Horde 15 Moon Guard US


Basic InformationEdit

  • Application: Website application & review, followed by in-game interview.
  • Recruitment Status: Restricted.
  • Requirements & Restrictions: Willingness to Learn/RP, Maturity, Acceptable Attitude & willingness to assist guildmates.
  • Guild Focus: Roleplaying and Events, Community RP, Storyline Integration & assistance, World PvE & PvP
  • Vent: Yes
  • Bank: Currently: 4 Tabs
  • Tabard: Yes

Guild OOC InformationEdit

The Hall of Reckoning was formed when two guilds from separate servers merged together to form one (<Guardians of Windrift> of The Scryers server and <Temple of Zuldazar> of Moon Guard). The guild is run like a mini-Horde within the Horde as all races are represented and led by an officer chosen for a specific task within the guild.

The guild's primary focus is to create a dynamic, interactive story that is deeply rooted in the lore of Warcraft without bending the story that is set. Godmodding and lore bending is not allowed within Hall of Reckoning, so if that is your idea of fun, look elsewhere. Second, the Hall does hope to enjoy end-game content, old world (pre-BC), BC and Wrath. However raiding will not be entirely "in house" and will most likely be a collaboration with allied guilds such as The Pale Shield.

We also wish to make a truly welcoming environment for those who share the interests of the guild, and take part in End-game content when we are capable to do so.

Guild IC InformationEdit

From here on is the list of the current leadership of the Hall of Reckoning and the details pertaining to them:

Lord Lotherin Alerys SkyriftEdit

Founder and Commander of the Lotherin Al'archorii Coalition and the last surviving member of the original Convocation of Silvermoon, Lotherin is a power player in the forces of the Blood Elves. His group, Lotherin Al'archorii, is an alliance of noble families of both Blood Elf descent and Forsaken sympathizers that opposed Kael'thas Sunstrider from the moment he joined forces with Illidan Stormrage. He was one of the few pupils of Uther Lightbringer, being the companion of Arthas Menethil, and has a natural, un-tainted grasp of the light. He is a bit zealous at times and has a deeply rooted love of conflict, but shares a humility and compassion for his subjects that is rare in his race.

About the Skyrift Family & Lotherin Al'archoriiEdit

Founded shortly after the arrival of the High Elves to Quel'thalas, the Skyrift family became a staple of power within the hierarchy of their people with the marriage of it's second born son Di'eldon to Dath'remar Sunstrider's younger sister, Vaelannia Sunstrider. The Skyrift family was not a direct line to the throne of Silvermoon, but was a strong tie to it. Becoming a crutch in times of need, the Skyrift family grew too large to remain within the walls of Silvermoon and Dath'remar, fearing the politics of it all, decided to have a large manor built for Di'eldon far to the south of Quel'thalas. The family soon settled into the area slightly northeast of Northdale (now in the Eastern Plaguelands), and ruled hand in hand with the local human population. The family manor became one of the most well known landmarks of the region and Di'eldon funded the construction of a grand citadel slightly to the south of Northdale, which even to this day has some sort of power that still keeps the scourge at bay. The Skyrift territory was technically renamed as Quel'danil, and Skyrift family did much for the elves and humans alike that lived in their lands.

With the rise of the Scourge, Lotherin, the grandson of Di'eldon, gathered the majority of his forces and those of his allies on his own quest into Northrend to somehow investigate and find a reasoning to Arthas' betrayal of Lordaeron. This movement thus unknowingly opened the southern borders of Quel'thalas to Arthas' march upon the Sunwell. Returning to a world he barely recognized with little more than 1/3 of his forces who were now suffering from magic withdrawals due to the destruction of the Sunwell, a wife who had gone missing while on a mission to Karazhan and no home to return to because the area was now controlled by the undead scourge... Lotherin only strengthened his resolve. Being the last surviving member of the Convocation of Silvermoon he asked for at least a place to rest his forces. Lor'themar Theron, the current regent of Silvermoon gave him a small tract of land to call his own along the Elrendar river in the southern end of Eversong. Finding out later that the Alliance had betrayed his people, Lotherin was furious yes... but not vengeful. Hearing that Kael'thas had chosen to seek a "cure" for their condition from Illidan Stormrage, whom he had met in Northrend, Lotherin also chose to turn his back on his former Prince and began speaking out that the true threat to their people lies with the Scourge first and foremost. Founding the Coalition of other powerful families of Quel'thalas and Quel'danil that still remained, Lotherin called it Lotherin Al'archorii (named after himself and the secondary power of the coalition, the Al'archorii family), he began a campaign to remove all traces of the Scourge in and around Quel'thalas once and for all. It wasn't long before his resources were on par with that of Silvermoon itself and allowing Kael'thas to seek his "cure", Lotherin turned his attention to his plans... the eventual invasion of Northrend and the elimination of Arthas, the new Lich King.

His role in Guild RPEdit

Lotherin is basically in command of all Blood Elves in the guild and has great sway on the Forsaken members as well. His group, Lotherin Al'archorii, are put in charge of the assault of Northrend and the overall conflict with the Scourge. He has a basecamp located in Northrend that was the staging point of Illidan and Kael'thas' assault on the Lich King before Arthas donned the crown in WC3.

His role in Guild OOCEdit

Lotherin (Alerys) is the Personnel & Public Relations coordinator and one of the designers of the guild. He is in charge of running and maintaining the guild website, recruiting new members and getting them acquainted with the structure of the guild, and handling any issues with the guild as a whole or with specific members. If you have a complaint, bring it to him and he will deal with it as best he can. He is extremely well versed in the lore of Warcraft and is willing to lend assistance in filling out members RP backstories if they wish it

Grand Priest Ul'zhak HextongueEdit

An ancient troll from the times when the Zandalar trolls ruled supreme over Azeroth who died protecting his kingdom from the devestation of the Great Sundering and was recently reincarnated by Alexstrazza, the Red Dragonflight leader. He now leads a large group of trolls of Zandalari descent, known as the Ashscalp tribe, who took up residence in the forsaken wastes of Draco'dar in the Burning Steppes. During his prime, he was the most powerful Witch Doctor in Troll history and had achieved immortality, however, his reincarnation has left him scrapping for the power he once had and due to the purpose and the limited time of his return, he is making strides to achieve his goals however possible. Quick-witted, kind and gentle, which is rarely seen in troll leaders, he is a grandfather-like figure who loves the art of diplomacy. However, he also has a side of him that is seen as taboo or shady, as even as he is exceptionally friendly to his allies, he can be cold, calculating and devious to his enemies.

About the Ashscalp TrollsEdit

After the death of Ul'zhak during the Great Sundering, his most faithful followers, called the Zhaki-tel, began protecting his teachings and family line with unfettered dilligence. After the collapse of the mighty empires of the Amani and Gurubashi trolls, the Zhaki-tel believed that Zuldazar may be next and dispersed into the world to locate a place that no one dared to tread. After the rebirth of Ragnaros upon the world and his birth creating what is now known as the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes, the Zhaki-tel called Xanzha, located that place. Positioned not far from Stormwind and Lakeshire in a small pocket of volcanic mountains of the Burning Steppes named Draco'dar, the devoted followers that the Zhaki-tel had continued to teach over time built their village among the Black Dragons there and named themselves the Ashscalp tribe. There they remained until current times when Ul'zhak had returned.

Now they follow their spiritual guide even more strongly than they did long ago, the new generations awed by the presence of a legend in Trollish history, and guided by the immortal Zhaki-tel. Ul'zhak has entered into a loose pact with Thrall, promising to add his forces to those of the Horde and working in combination with other leaders as well. Wherever he goes, the Ashscalp follow.

As a culture, the Ashscalp are not that much different than any other troll tribe, however they still practice "true" voodoo in the original format in which it was created. This provides their priests, shamans and mages an achaic power that is rarely seen by anyone of other tribes and makes their small numbers a force to be reckoned with.

His role in Guild RPEdit

Ul'zhak stands as a representative for all trolls in the guild in the heirarchy of the guild structure. Even if the member does not choose to RP as an ashscalp troll, he can find it very easy to befriend them as he is dedicated to his race more than just his tribe. He is also the guilds ambassador to Orgrimmar and any Troll based encounters (i.e. Zul'Gurub, Zul'Aman, Sunken Temple etc.). His focus towards the problems in Azeroth lie with the Emerald Dream yes... but not necessarily the Dream itself. His focus is on the cause of that corruption, the Old Gods and the Elemental Lords. He will head the information gathering on these elusive enemies of the races of Azeroth and over time build a plan on how to combat them when necessary.

His role in Guild OOCEdit

Ul'zhak is the guilds RP officer. All roleplay pertaining to the guild storyline and character ties to it should be discussed with him. His responsibilities include working with other guild officers to set up RP events that are based around the guild's overall storyline that may include custom quests, instancing and even raids that are intended to be both fun and beneficial for our members. Expect him to be a very visible and accomodating member of the guild. Keep in contact with him frequently to stay in touch with the guilds story arcs and projected story path.

Chieftain Ocktar FeraltuskEdit

A former Warsong, Ocktar left his previous clan alongside Volmar Wrathmaul due to their acceptance of the idea that his friend Kalrin Wolfstorm fled from battle during the engagement at Hyjal against Archimonde. Protecting Kalrin's honor, Ocktar clung to that belief and founded his own Clan, the Feraltusks. They settled into the southeastern section of the Swamp of Sorrows, the settlement known as Mistyreed Post. From here, Ocktar's clan became well established and began to grow into a fairly formiddable force. Ocktar himself is a true Orc: Rough in appearance, rough in attitude, but yet calm enough to talk things through. He has a deep shamanistic side to him despite his gruff emotional exterior and he loves the wilderness.

About the Feraltusk ClanEdit

((He's still collecting all this.))

His role in Guild RPEdit

Upset at the loss of his friend Kalrin Wolfstorm at the hands of the Legion, Ocktar is most interested in bringing the fight to the demons he blames for his friends death. Actively pursuing issues that deal with the threat of Kil'jaeden and any of his forces, Ocktar also understands the importance of diplomacy and is willing to step forth to speak on behalf of the Hall when among the denizens of Azeroth. Strong willed and determined to find as many allies as he can, Ocktar hopes to strike fear into the fearless when he shows up with the greatest heroes of the Horde under the banner of the Hall of Reckoning. He also leads the Hall's Orc brethren into battle, but be warned, you will need to keep up!

His role in Guild OOCEdit

Being an ambassador to the community of Moon Guard, as well as current and prospected allied guilds, Ocktar has an important role in the guild to protect the image the guild intends to portray and the reputation we build among all the players of our server who show interest. He will try to actively seek out relations with other guilds, even if it does not become an official alliance, he will try to keep things friendly so that help is given to each other.


The Hall of Reckoning is always recruiting. If you are interested in joining us, take a moment to stop by our guild website(the link is in the box above) and fill out the application under the "Recruiting" page. All applicants are reviewed properly and treated equally. You will be contacted in-game after a decision is made. Thank you for the interest!

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