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GuildOfCalamitousIntent is a guild now aimed towards "casual" players who cannot either remain in a raiding or PvP guilds (due to limited activity, other responsibilities, etc). We prefer at least semi-active players and do not accept ?9 Battlegrounds twink characters, bank characters or vault ninjas.

We are dedicated to providing a fun and helpful environment for all levels of players. We are an open guild requiring no formal application. We have a 3 tab Guild Vault and a wicked sweet tabard and expect all members to contribute when they can.

For more information you can contact Chibon, Frinkles, or any of our other officers.

Guild Origins Edit

This guild <GuildOfCalamitousIntent> was formed around Oct 07 by Chibon and was originally intended as a casual guild for a handful friends. Many of our original members moved to raiding guilds as they had the time to devote to raiding, etc. We have since become a place for people to come together, have fun and offer help/advice wherever we can.

The guild draws it's name from the adult swim series "The Venture Bros." and the organization within it known as "The Guild Of Calamitous Intent". Many of the characters in the guild are named after characters on the show. The guild in The Venture Bros. has an official motto: "Hate You Can Trust", which we found appropriate to show our continued disdain for the Alliance and our love of PvP combat.

Raiding Schedule Edit

We do not have a raiding schedule (we currently do not have the number of high level players needed to raid).

Guild Rules Edit

  • Be as courteous as the situation allows in-game (If sometimes things get out of hand, that's fine).
  • We love freedom of speech but would like our guildies to keep things in good taste, at least for public conversations.
  • If you have qualms with a player in a raid, etc (outside of our guild) please bring the issue to the Sovereign or a Council Member via our forums on the guild site (currently down)and we will pursue it with their guild leadership.
  • Guidelines for guild ranks, progression, and requirements will be posted at a later date.

Will post more as necessary

Guild Leadership Edit

Chibon, "Sovereign" - Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for issues officers can't help with.
Council Members, 1st tier Officers 
Can help with guild invites and other issues
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