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Group Therapy is a PvE Guild based on Terenas on the European Servers.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

Dating back to a guild merge consiting of Leaders of Lagrimmar and United Horde Legion, Group Therapy was born. Progressing through the end game of the original content with fun and fast pace. Soon recruiting more members from Jikura Crusaders the guild progressed further, starting on the content in AQ40 just before the release of TBC

Having had a minor set back shortly after the release of TBC involving a Guild split and 2 new smaller guilds forming, Group Therapy remerged back into the raiding force it was and is now actively persuing the Burning Crusades end game with passion and much lols

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Sunday to thursday 20-24, optional raid friday 20-24. Usually Zul'Aman bear runs happen after one of the regular raids.

Friday and saturday we often go on old-skool raids with Cartel (Terenas EU) and other guilds from the server. At the moment we're nuking Naxxramas so Bettil can get his staff ^_^

Guild Rules Edit

  • This as a PvE Guild and members should be PvE Specced
  • Members should ensure they have consumables brought to any progression encounter
  • We use a DKP system for loot.

Officers Edit

Uggrich, Guildmaster 
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