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Guild Info

Believed to be the largest "social" Horde guild on Draenor US, the Grimhorn Tribe currently has over eighty members with more than two hundred individual characters. The Tribe is steered by a Tribal Council, whose efforts help make GHT a place where people help one another enjoy everything WoW has to offer.

Tribal Council (Guild Officers)

Main Rank Other roles
IconSmall Tauren Male.gifHunter} Flatlander Tribal Chieftain Organizer of low- and mid-game instance runs
IconSmall Troll Male.gifHunter} Copland Elder Gracious host and admin of GHT's web site and mail system
IconSmall Orc Female.gifShaman} Grotswatter Elder Dean of the Grimhorn Academy and head recruiter, former Tribal Chieftan
IconSmall Undead Male.gifMage} Myrdden Elder Recruiter
IconSmall Troll Female.gifPriest} Benedicta Subchief
IconSmall Orc Male.gifWarrior} Exiu Subchief
IconSmall Tauren Male.gifDruid} Wiggwump Subchief Organizer/raid leader/ recruiter
IconSmall Tauren Male.gifDruid} Lucifersam Subchief Organizer/ raid leader/ recruiter

Guild Services

  • Email address (<character>, usable only by other Grimmies and hides your "real" email address
  • Email lists: announce, discuss, endgame, and level-based (e.g.
  • Bi-weekly meetings to discuss the state of the guild, server, game, real life, ...
  • GroupCalendar (an addon for in-game event scheduling)
  • Forum
  • Addon-generated roster
  • Web hosting for member-written guides and fan-fiction[1]

Guild Purpose, Policy, and Structure

GHT's primary purpose is to provide a fun and sociable environment for its members. Unlike most social guilds, the Tribe does require new members to go though a simple "trial run" of some kind, to weed out players who have no intention of participating in the friendly environment upon which the Tribe is built. Because GHT does not recruit based on age or experience, the guild represents a wide variety of play styles. Grimhorn Academy was founded to assist those who want to learn and to improve their play. This program has been a great success; many "graduates" of the Academy are easily the equal of more dedicated players.

This social-/participation-based structure has caused GHT to grow along both in- and out-of-game paths. While most of the Council members live within fifty miles of one another, there are real life social groups all over the US and individual members around the world. Out-of-game guild meetings have taken place both in the SF Bay and Puget Sound areas.

/gkick-able Offenses

Forcible removal from the Tribe has been a thankfully rare event. To this writer's knowledge, the only cases have been due to persistent refusal to act in a mature fashion on /guild (channel spamming, persistent vulgarity, etc.). Potentially, members could also be forcibly removed for running scams or ninja-looting, but this has not yet happened in the Tribe's history.

Guild Culture

The friendly environment which the Tribe fosters leads to a friendly, "family-like" atmosphere on /guild and in groups of Grimmies partied together.

Puns and Other Humor

New recruits should beware the off-kilter Grimhorn sense of humor. Horrible puns and self-deprecating humor are quite common on /guild, typically led by Myrdden or Exiu, and many other Grimmies participate enthusiastically.


Woe betide the Grimmie who bad-mouths Macs or Mac gamers on /guild. There are actual Apple employees in the Tribe, and they're quite capable of giving as good as they get.

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