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The Ghostfang Brotherhood are a highly motivated, friendly group of people, with the intention of providing the Horde of Sisters of Elune a home regardless of play style or preference to PvE, PvP or Moderate to Light Role Play.

Overview Edit

History Edit

The Ghostfang Brotherhood was born on the Argent Dawn server. When the Burning Crusade expansion was about to be released, Blizzard Entertainment opened the Sisters of Elune server to transfers only from the High Population Roleplay servers. That is when the guild made the transition to the Sisters of Elune server.

Being a guild of like minded friends, the Ghostfang Brotherhood, on the Sisters of Elune server has seen a huge amount of growth. With the difference in timezones (members stretch from Europe to the Pacific islands) the Ghostfang strives to provide content for all of its players. From PVP to PVE, and RP, the Ghostfang has it all.

RPwise, Ghostfang has a long history. Originally, a troll shaman by the name of Jraal'feng remarked on his ability to attain a Ghost Wolf form... he noted that wolves formed packs, and those with the sharpest fangs helped lead it. He envisioned the Brotherhood running in the same way.. a pack of those alike, bearing their Fangs to any dangers. When false warchiefs were reported at Blackrock Spire, he began to find companions to help him combat this new threat, and thus christened the gathering the Ghostfang Brotherhood. The tabard, red with the blood of those defeated, showing the fangs bared for all to see, reflected this mentality.

After the fall of the Spire, other tasks rose to the attention of the Fangs. Jraal'feng noted that some of his new recruits were much sharper fangs than he was in his age, and he began to seek out a suitable replacement. It was during this time, Gelmarkk and the Huntress Utloc came into his view. Jraal'feng was impressed at the abilities of the warrior Gelmarkk. He took many wounds in combat for those he wished to protect, all without any resignations or afterthought. His dedication to the Fangs led him to be appointed the new Warmaster, and Gelmarkk appointed his friends, the Orc Huntress Utloc and the Troll Rogue, Gajimok as his seconds in command. Thus, the Lawgiver rank was born, those whom help to council the Warmaster. Jraal'feng, pleased with what he saw, took his final walk in ghost wolf form, leaving to the Blasted Lands, never to be seen again. He is heard of in tales passed around a fire and brew.

As Gelmarkk took his Fangs into the Molten Core, he began to offer diplomatic relations to a sister guild, Elite Vengeance. He realized that his Fangs needed further sharpening, and this meeting of guilds helped them both brave the fiery below. During this time, ranks swelled, and Odhinn, a orc warrior in Gelmarkk's footsteps, appeared to show his bravery and vigor in battle. Gelmarkk took a liking to this orc, brash as his personality was, for he saw in him facets of his own protective personality. Odhinn became unto Gelmarkk like his own right hand, and he rose to Lawgiver shortly after. During this time Gajimok was scouting new Ghostfang recruits, and stumbled upon what he thought was just another rogue at the time. Killen was invited, and in his travels with the Fangs, showed his selflessness to their cause. When time passed and Gajimok needed to step down to attend to his family in Sej'in, Utloc and Odhinn spoke highly of the Undead Rogue, whom had proven his cloaking abilities beyond a shadow of a doubt. Killen was asked to take his place, and thus the number of Lawgivers stayed at three.

When the Burning Crusade took place, the Ghostfang were among those stationed at the portal, even in the days before. After entering Outlands and seeing the Orc's homeworld, Ghostfang turned its attention to those whom seemed proper for the guild. Their ranks swelled enormously, much to the Warmaster's surprise. He decided then, that his task as Warmaster was complete, and traded himself down to Lawgiver, allowing the huntress, Utloc, to show her skill at the highest rank, Warmaster.

When the call to Northrend arose, the Fangs answered with a vengeance. Hewing and hacking their way through the Scourge, they combat the very halls of Icecrown Citadel itself. During this time, Utloc released her tenure as Warmaster, and Gelmarkk once again bears the banner to lead his Fangs.

When the Cataclysm rent our world, the Ghostfang did not balk at the task at had. They arose again, setting their sights on the World Destroyer, Deathwing. Many Fangs were lost in this fight, but the end result was the Ghostfang Brotherhood stnading over their defeated enemy. After this, Gelmarkk look among those left, and selected another hunter, Dvorake, to take his Warchief mantle and carry the guild forward while he took his rest.

A hidden isle was found, and changes amongst the leaders of the Horde. This all came to a point later, when Pandaria became the focus of Horde and Alliance. The Ghostfangs eagerly set out to explore this new land, and aid those who needed it. When Garrosh left his senses, we dove into Orgrimmar to help the Horde fight corruption from within.

Emphasis is placed on providing a home for those whom would call themselves Ghostfangs. There are many tasks at hand, but the Fangs will chew them apart with the same determination that has kept them together for many years.

May the Fangs stay sharp, so their teeth may tear their enemies asunder. May the Fangs stay wise, so they may keep their enemies confused and scattered. May the Fangs be strong and brutal, so they may cast aside any obstacle in their paths. And may the Fangs stay Brothers and Sisters, so they may reap from their friends the full value of The Ghostfang Brotherhood.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Tues/Thur nights (progression), Sunday night, guild wide raid night (content varies).

Officers Edit

Dvorake, Warmaster
Fatel, Lawgiver
Yuto, Lawgiver
Killen, Lawgiver
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