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Final Equilibrium is an English speaking European World of Warcraft guild. The guild was formed on the European server Aggramar on July 17, 2005.


Final Equilibrium is an English speaking European World of Warcraft guild. The guild was formed on the European server Aggramar on July 17, 2005.

We are a highly social and ambitious group of players dedicated to enjoying WoW together and having the maximum amount of fun. We encourage a high level of in-guild grouping and interaction. Final Equilibrium aims to be among the top guilds on our chosen realm and maintain that position for both success and social reasons.

Our goal is to ensure that we have a comfortable number of like-minded players who enjoy grouping and co-operating to help the guild progress, grow and mature in the most enjoyable way possible. Our ultimate goal is to become a well respected, well known, helpful and successful guild able to do all that the game throws at us in past, present and future content. We expect our members to help us achieve this, whilst retaining the sense of fun that we all want from being part of WoW. To fill out an application go to Application For more information you can contact Stoker in game.

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WOTLK Guild ProgressEdit

25 ManEdit

  • Trial of the Grand Crusader (TOC 25 Heroic)
    • Northrend Beasts - (04-11-09)
    • Lord Jaraxxus - (04-11-09)
    • Faction Champions - (05-11-09)
    • Twin Val'kyr - (24-11-09)
    • Anub'arak
  • Naxxramas:
    • Arachnid Quarter - cleared (02-12-2008)
    • Construct Quarter cleared (08-12-2008)
    • Plague Quarter cleared (04-12-2008)
    • Military Quarter cleared (03-12-2008)
    • The Four Horsemen downed (03-12-2008)
    • Sapphiron - downed (07-12-2008)
    • Kel'Thuzad - downed (08-12-2008)

10 ManEdit

TBC Guild progressEdit

note: Fe no longer farms Gruul, Mag, SSC and TK. Weekend kara badge farming still on going.


Final Equilibrium was formed on the European server Aggramar on July 17, 2005. Pre-TBC Final Equilibrium was one of the top raiding guilds on the server for a long time and was able to claim several alliance and server first kills. They had cleared Temple of Ahn'Qiraj and had progressed to the Four Horsemen in Naxxramas.

In late February of 2007, Tomas, the Guild Leader at the time, and a select group of members elected to move to another server in an attempt to progress further with TBC content. Final Equilibrium was left virtually abandoned with only a few alts remaining to hold the guild name. In September of 2007 Gigant, the original Guild Leader and founding father of Final Equilibrium, returned to the game after an 8 month absence and elected to restart the guild with as many of the original members as possible.

In November of 2007 Gigant's RL caught up with him and he found himself unable to spend time playing wow and leading the guild. He tagged Tenakakhan as the new guild master.

Weekly raid scheduleEdit

We currently raid every day in a week. Sunday through Thursday are official raiding days, when we do 25 man instances. Friday and Saturday are officially off days, however, we tend to run Karazhan and Zul'Aman then. Invites start each day at 19:45 server time. Raids are usually done by 23:00 or midnight.

Guild rulesEdit

Raid rulesEdit

Raid Rules, in no particular order because you need ALL of them:

  1. Ventrilo, must be able to listen, without it you sit at the lowest priority for invites i.e., a rogue in greens with Ventrilo will be higher priority than a hunter in epic gear without Ventrilo.
  2. Invites are at 7:45 and only people in the zone will receive an invite. Anyone outside the area are likely to receive a dkp penalty
  3. AFK, if something occurs let the RL know, they will decide if it is occurring too often and deal with it.
  4. Loot is on bidding
    1. item is linked and bidding starts at a set price
    2. check your dkp before the raid.
    3. first bid session will be Main Spec only, if it fails to sell then off specs are welcome to bid.
  5. If people are needed to replace due to specific fight setups they will be discussed amongst the Raid Leaders who will then talk to the raid, if a volunteer is found so be it, if not the RL's will nominate where needed.
  6. You need to check your wow web stats after a raid, the Raid Leaders do and you might want to check in case you feel you did poorly or very well.
  7. Ensure you read the forums most days, we do post stuff that will help and will continue to do so, everyone needs to read it.
  8. Raid Leaders decisions are final.

Required addonsEdit


Threat Meter:

Raid assistance mods (Pick one you must have one)



Included is a list of people in charge of the guild that others should get in touch with if interested in contacting the guild for any reason.

  • Stoker Guildmaster
  • Arioch Officer
  • Atthena Officer
  • Ellazul Officer
  • Drogo Raid Leader + Class leader
  • Neoprophet Class leader
  • sakal Raid leader