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Feersum Endjinn Edit

Feersum have been inhabiting Quel'thalas for over 18 months and have recently begun progression through "The Burning Crusade" end-game raid instances.

Overview Edit

Guild Name: Feersum Endjinn // Server: Quel'thalas // Faction: Horde // Website: // Guild Master: Vaun

Current Progression: Edit

Karazhan: Cleared // Zul'Aman: 1/6 // Gruul: 1/2 //

At the moment, Feersum are collecting the resistance gear so as to progress through SerpentShrine Cavern and Tempest Keep: The Eye. Feersum also hope to begin on Magtheridon after Patch 2.4.0. I'm sure we wish them good luck in the future.

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