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Fallen Soldiers was established at August 2005 at Server:Aggramar Europe. We are fortunate enough to have some of the longest standing players on the server. Based as a social casual PvE raiding guild. Fallen soldiers was previously part of the United Forces of Aggramar guild alliance. Still we have connections with the guild Immortals.

Guild ProgressEdit

As lvl 80

*Ulduar 10 ProgressEdit

  • Flame Leviathan
  • Ignis the Furnace Master
  • Razorscale
  • XT-002 Deconstructor
  • Kologarn
  • Auriaya
  • Hodir

*Ulduar 25 ProgressEdit

Guild HistoryEdit

As lvl 70

As Level 60

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

The usual raiding days and Raid times are shown, all times are server time:

  • Tuesday, 20:00 - 23:00
  • Wednesday, 20:00 - 23:00
  • Thursday, 20:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday, 20:00 - 23:00

What to be raided is given weekly in the Guild Event Manager. Raids may stop earlier if the raid goal is met.

Guild RulesEdit

Please read our Guild Rules at our website : Guild Rules

Guild LeadersEdit


Guild Leader: Evildru


Leader: Farlax

  • Evildru, Guild Leader and Founder (previously known as Evilbofh)
  • Bustersteed, Templar
  • Darkmech, Templar (Semi-Retired)
  • Garbo, Templar (previously known as Durendal)
  • Farlax, Templar (Co. Founder)
  • Kating, Templar
  • Tiler, Templar

Guild RankingEdit

  • Templar: All senior members (A.K.A Officers) of the guild, including the Guild leader are of a Templar rank, the power of the Templar's is the same.
  • Lieutenant: This position is only used by several players and is essentially a Semi-Officer position.
  • Raider: This rank is given to players who have been in the guild for generally at least 2 months and who turn up to guild raid's.
  • Member: This rank is given to players that raid with the guild but have not been in long enough to warrant them the Raider rank.
  • Social: This rank is given to players who do not have the ability and/or the want to raid.
  • Trialist: This rank is given to new players in the guild who have only been in a few weeks.
  • Naughty Corner: This rank disables all guild bank rights, and the ability to talk in guild chat, it is generally given to player's who have misconducted themselves, such as through the use of profanity in guild/raid chat before 9pm.


Recruitment is done by filling out an application at our website : Recruitment

  • We mainly recruit lvl 80 characters, but exceptions can be made.
  • Please read the guilds sign up template to fill out the application properly,

and notify the classes that are open for recruitment.


DARKMECH,Fallen Soldiers' Mascot