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History Edit

Fallen was formed shortly before the release of Ulduar (instance) in 2009 by veteran members of Strife, Unnatural Axe, Exsanguinity, and Snakes on a Wyvern. While multi-guild runs of Naxxramas were initially successful, attendance became an issue and it became difficult to get recruits to stick around with no solid structure or loot system in place. The group began operating under the moniker "The Black Storm" and opened a website to help coordinate between members of the numerous guilds involved. While the introduction of a DKP system certainly helped attendance among current raiders, recruitment was still inconsistent. It became clear that applicants wanted to feel like they had a "home" rather than just being a member of a pick-up group. The loot system was later changed to Loot Council due to issues with DKP inflation.

Unbreakable formed Fallen on April 20th, 2009. Although not required, a good portion of the core raiders left their respective guilds and joined shortly thereafter.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Wednesday, 6:30 PM Server - ICC 25 Heroic
  • Thursday, 6:30 PM Server - ICC 25 Heroic and Ruby Sanctum

Guild rules Edit

  • We use a Loot council system for loot.
  • Regular attendance (75%+) is expected. Low attendance may result a raider being moved to alternate status.

Officers Edit

Unbreakable, The Cow God 
Guild leader. Tanking lead.
Mythos, Cow Demi-God 
Melee DPS lead. Insane DPS. * Now retired
Robomanus, Cow Demi-God 
Healing lead. Wielder of Val'anyr. *Now retired
Serya, Cow Demi-God 
Ranged DPS lead.
Nikodemous, Cow Demi-God 
Loot master, website administrator. Weider of Shadowmourne
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