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The Guild <Failing Upwards> was created on Blackrock US. More details to come

Guild Stats

Rank structure

  • 1. Puppet (inexistent placeholder)
  • 2. Council Member
  • 3. Raider
  • 4. Core Member
  • 5. Alts
  • 6. New Members

Attendance, Calendar Usage

If you have a permanent raid position, you are expected to attend to all raids marked on the calendar, which are the regular raid hours. You do NOT have to sign up on the calendar to mark intent of attending. You are expected to be there, the calendar is just to help you schedule events out.

  • If you cannot make it to a raid, you MUST send an in-game mail to Clickbeast or contact in-game.

If you are not ready 15 minutes prior to raid times, we will begin to find a replacement. See Raid Rules.

Raiding Rules

1) Addons Required

  • Deadly Boss Mods
  • Ventrilo
  • Omen

2) Preparedness: If you are online during a raid and are needed to start or continuing raid, we expect you to be available to come in and raid. During raids we expect you to be properly geared and be of the proper spec and with enough pots/flasks to last the entire night. If you cannot come, you MUST notify the raid leader the day before at least. You can drop a mail as well.

2) Raid Schedule: Raids are 4:00pm to 7:00pm Wednesday // 4:00pm to 8:00pm Friday & Saturday. You must be online 15 minutes before raid time and ungrouped; in the instance 5 minutes prior to raid times.

3) Mistakes and Wipes: Everyone is going to screw up sometimes. Many of our encounters will require us to wipe over and over again in order to learn. Everyone is expected to keep a positive attitude and stay focused. You are also expected to learn from you mistakes. If you are unable to stay positive, or continue to make the same mistakes, you will be replaced.

  • IF YOU HAVE A PERSONAL ISSUE with someone at the raid, please discuss in guild chat or speak to the raid leader so that he can address this. Aggressive and direct insults, cussing will not be tolerated behavior from any guild member.

4) AFK: If you must AFK during raids, please let the raid leader know. Emergencies happen, just let us know. We will have bathroom breaks half way through the raids.

5) Alts: We recruited your main, not your alt. You time and money should always be devoted to your main. Don’t never expect to raid on your alts.

6) Never link meters in raid chat or guild chat, unless raid leader asks or it's relevant.

7) Gear/Enchants/Gems All raiders will come to raids with ALL gear enchanted and zero PVP gear. You do not have to have the BEST enchants for a blue item but it must be enchanted no exceptions. Your gear should also be reforged correctly for the best stats you can get for your class.

8) Raid Spots There are no PERMANENT raid slots we move people and classes around to suit the needs of the group not the individual.

9) Voice access You must have both a working MIC and Headset that means you must be able to both respond and hear in vent. We understand if you are the quiet type but if you are asked a question you need to be able to answer.

Behavior & Etiquette

1) Treat your guild members with respect. Joking around is understandable, but when it starts to get out of hand it is no longer appropriate.

2) You wear our guild name, and when you act like a clown that reflects on the guild. Look at yourself first. Do not do actions that would reflect poorly on us, even when you're in a PUG.

Loot Rules for Raids

1) MS>OS, if no OS we free roll for Maelstrom. During new content, DE mats might be reserved for guild bank and will be stated at raid start.

2) Free rolls on BOE's until further notice. If you NEED a BOE during new content, and it's a guild run, please contact the raid leader so we can arrange it. If you roll on a BOE to equip, you must equip in the raid.

3) 1 drop of each type per person. If you win 1, you must pass to someone else on the next drop of the same time. -1 BOP from boss, you skip on next MS roll -1 BOE (need or for sell, 1 per person) -1 DE epic (1 per person)

4) Heroic content You must have the 359 tier 11 token or item to roll on the 372 tokens, if you do not posses the tier token you will be excluded from the roll until you acquire it.

Guild & Bank Rules

1) Discussions in guild chat and ventrilo are often mature. So considering this is an 18 and over guild. During raids chatter will be limited to the raid leader and any members of the raid that have a pertinent information to what is happening at that moment. If you ever have problems with anyone, contact the raid leader immediately and handle the matter privately. No matters should be handled in Guild Chat or General Channels in ventrilo. This is to help avoid drama. If you repeatedly break these guide lines the follow steps may occur:

  • A warning
  • Raid Removal
  • Raid position removal
  • Guild Removal

2) The guild bank is for raider and core member usage. As a raider, you can requisition items from the Rare and Valuable tab. All items in the guild bank that will be made available to raiders are roughly 50% of the “going rate” of that item. Do not expect hand outs. Repairs are enable and disabled based on guild funds available, but once disabled, is disabled for all.



<Failing Upwards> is now Recruiting the following.

  • Active, social players, interested in raiding

Questionmark How do I join the guild?

Contact any member of <Failing Upwards> to inquire about joining.

Guild Raiding

<Failing Upwards> focuses on mainly 10 man raiding content. The Raid Leader set up the raids, distributes loot, and explains raid content.

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