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General InformationEdit

Server: Server:Terenas_Europe

Faction: Horde



A newly started guild on Terenas EU. Known for its fast progress, cleared Molten Core in 4 weeks.

Raiding ProgressEdit


Downed Venoxis (Snake) as of 26-7-2006

Downed Jeklik (Bat) as of 26-7-2006

Downed Mar'li (Spider) as of 28-7-2006

Downed Thekal (Tiger) as of 4-8-2006

Downed Broodlord Mandokir (Raptor) as of 4-8-2006

Downed Arlokk (Panther) as of Unknown

Downed Gahz'Ranka (Fish) as of Unknown

Downed Hakkar the Soulflayer as of Unknown

Downed Jin'do the Hexxer as of 23-9-2006

Ruins of Ahn' Qiraj (AQ20):

Downed Kurinaxx as of 15-8-2006

Downed General Rajaxx as of Unknown

Downed Buru the Gorger as of Unknown

Downed Moam as of 28-8-2006

Downed Ossirian the Unscarred as of 9-9-2006

Molten Core:

Downed Lucifron as of 16-8-2006

Downed Magmadar as of 16-8-2006

Downed Gehennas as of 16-8-2006

Downed Garr as of Unknown

Downed Baron Geddon as of 11-9-2006

Downed Shazz'Rah as of 16-9-2006

Downed Golemagg the Incinerator as of 16-9-2006

Downed Sulfuron Harbringer as of 16-9-2006

Downed Majordomo as of 18-9-2006

Downed Ragnaros as of 01-10-2006

Onyxia's Lair:

Downed Onyxia as of 24-9-2006

Blackwing Lair:

Still struggling on Razorgore the Untamed

NOTE: Earlier I said, we cleared Molten Core in 4 weeks, but as you can see here, its like 5 weeks of difference from Lucifron to Ragnaros, but thats because: We had Khrull as our Main Tank and he stopped playing WoW after a week, so we had to wait a while till we had a new Main Tank, else we coudl've cleared Molten Core faster than 4 weeks... who knows...


FTW used to be a PvP guild, we always used to do premades and 95% of the time we won, but after some while our Guild Leader (Breytak) stopped with PvP, and wanted to focus on PvE. We started with some Zul'Gurub runs, got High Priest Venoxis and High Priestess Jeklik down easily.

After a month we did Hakkar the Soulflayer, got him down on our fourth try. We started Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, it was quite easy, we soon downed all bosses except for Ayamiss the Hunter (we still haven't attempted him) and Ossirian the Unscarred. Ossirian the Unscarred was a frustrating fight, it took us 17, yes 17 wipes to take him down, all in one night.. But today, he is no match for us anymore, he goes down on our first try most of the time.

Onyxia was slain on our 3rd try of the day.

The guild was founded on: 7-21-2006 by Breytak and Darkdimos.

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