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General Edit

European Devils is an european time based Horde guild on Elune realm. ED is a casual guild with members from all over the world. Basic communication language is english.

Background Edit

The European Devils guild was founded by Wildstyle, a player from Italy, in 2005. The name of ED was choosed from his girl friend in and off game Inujasha. The idea to create ED was to gather players that live in Europe but play the US edition of WoW, and players that play different times than normal US raiding guilds. The majority of the guild members are Europeans and US Army members stationed in Europe, yet there are also members that live in US or Australia and ED playing times suit them.

In the beginning ED was too small to do 20-man raid content by itself, but was quickly growing in numbers and soon was able to start raiding Zul'Gurub. Along the way ED members learned to cooperate and work together. In the middle of 2006 ED allied with Emancipation guild with a common goal: Molten Core. That alliance was very profitable for both guilds allowing them to get better geared and experience content that they wouldn't be able to do on their own. Meantime ED was still recruiting and started to grow rapidly in numbers, especially after Blizzard opened cross-realm character transfer. The fall of 2006 was a hard time for ED - the current guild leader and ED founder Wildstyle decided to move to EU servers and quit the role of a leader. Blackox was chosen as the new Guild Leader. He implemented some changes in guild structures which was necessary since ED was no longer few-friends-playing-together guild and became raiding guild. Soon European Devils had enough members to start doing 40 men content by their own - this ended the long alliance with Emancipation in November 2006.

With the release of the Burning Crusade ED focused on the new content but also started to make old world raids to explore the content they couldn't reach before BC, which is Naxx and AQ40.

Structure Edit

  • Guild Leader (Stryfe)
  • Assistant Guild Leaders (2)
  • Officers
  • Support Officers (Recruiting, Stats & Logs, DKP)
  • Veterans
  • Members
  • Trial/Applicants

Website Edit

European Devils

Raiding Edit

Raiding times Edit

- Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday; Naxx, EoE and OS 25 man @ 2000 CET (2pm server time)

Raiding Instances Status Edit

  • Naxxramas - on farm status
  • Eye of Eternity - on farm status
  • Sartharion - on farm status
    • Sarth 1D - on farm status
    • Sarth 2D - on farm status
    • Sarth 3D - progression status

Recruiting Edit

ED is currently looking for;

  • Holy Paladin
  • Disc Priest
  • Elem Shaman
  • Deathknight
  • Mage
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