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Horde 32 Server:Bloodhoof Europe

Escapism Bloodhoof EU Guild - - Recruitment Process

First of all, we are not a harsh guild. We recruit people, not levels and skill.

So You apply by using your imagination. What is important? You decide. Be creative.

Putting in your characters name and what you want from a guild could be a good idea, and your class, level, previous guilds and why you left them plus your age is information we'd like so receive too.

People with at bad temper, people constantly using terms like "FFS" and "STFU" and people that do not install our mods and never show up for our events will not be with us for a long time.

You should not apply if you can say yes to one of the following:

  1. Are you just looking for a guild to do more instance runs?
  2. Are you joining a guild just to have it help you levelling?
  3. Do you share your character with a friend, brother or grandmom?
  4. Do you often start spamming FFS and yell at people for making mistakes?
  5. Would you rather sell a purple item to a non-guildie for 700g than sell it to a guildie for 350g?
  6. Have you been in 7 or more guilds already?
  7. Do you plan to play the applying character less than 12 hours a week?

If the answer to the above questions were "no", please go ahead and apply. We welcome and cherish every nice and mature player.

You will have the test-rank "Dreamer" for the first 3 weeks or so, we need to have a look at how you play and behave. After that you will be nominated for promotion and all escapists can vote for you to fully join us or be removed from the roster. Dreamers earn DKP same way Escapists do, but Dreamers can and will only get loot from any instance if no Escapists need on an item that drops.

On a side note you should know that in Escapism we share our loot. We got guildbanks for different purposes, they can be viewed on the rosters, and all items can be requested. Off course, the guildbanks don't fill themselves, so we depend on our members to keep the banks filled as well.

Once you have submitted your application it will be properly discussed in our closed forum and we will be in contact with you within 1 - 3 days after the application. In the mean time don't be surprised if our members contact u for a run or a chat.

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