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Forged in the brains of men, came a gathering. Nomads, fanatics and wanderers of the likes who left their homes with nothing but a dream, a dream to create something better. Conceived in the mirth and darkness, a small tribe was mustered. Whispers were rife and word spread like wildfire of a new and upcoming culmination of a superior breed. Soon the small tribe merged into a more powerful force. Elitism was formed, A culmination of the very best that horde can afford.


We are looking for a few good men and women... Our demands are great - but the returns are many.

Do you have what it takes to be a part of something bigger then yourself?

If you seek challenge, inspiration, and strive for excellence then Elitism may be the right place for you. In Elitism, you will work with some of the most skilled people, working together to create a successful entity. If you share our goals, and have the skills, we want to hear from you.

Joining Elitism is a serious commitment. Elitism is a collective in which every member is valued as high as the next one and so is the time they put into this, we expect every member to be there for each other and perform at 100% of his or her ability when needed.

Elitism is a team in every sense of the word, we work and operate as a team, there are no rooms for individualists or internal conflicts.

We ride together, we fight together, we fall together and we rise together.


You should have carefully read all of, understand and agree to Our Rules and the Membership requirements. Submit a complete Application Form in the Elitism forum. Your application will then be discussed between our officers and the concerned class leader after which it will be decided if you can be accepted as a prospect. Once approved, you will then begin a trial period where we will assess you based on your personality, your abilities, skills, raid attendance, raid behaviour, guild behaviour, attitude towards loot and integration with the guild. After the end of the trial period it will then be discussed between the officers and the concerned class leader whether or not you are fit to become a Elitism legionnaire.


  • Minimum age requirement to apply for Elitism is 18 years.
  • Level 80.
  • Able to attend at least three raids each week.
  • Having at least one required raid spec in your dual specc.
  • Install the compulsory addons requested.
  • Maturity and able to tolerate constructive feedback.

Our rules

Elitism always comes first. Others second. All members of Elitism, regardless of rank, are expected to educate and critically evaluate themselves in accordance with the values and principles of Elitism. We will, in all our actions and conducts, express the basic values of Elitism:

  • Discipline
  • Professionalism
  • Trustworthiness
  • Perseverance and Dedication
  • Comradeship and Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Personal example
  • Representativeness
  • A liking for work well done

Membership and activity

Joining Elitism is a serious commitment. Elitism is, first and foremost, a family, team and a collective. We are an entity in which every member is valued as high as the next one and so is the time they put into this, we expect every member to be there for each other and perform at 100% of his or her ability when needed.

We work and operate as a team, we help and take care of each other and we are able to see the big picture and take the need of our fellow guildies into consideration. there are no rooms for individualists. We ride together, we fight together, we fall together and we rise together. We leave nobody behind.

We DO NOT claim that, just like most other guilds, we raid 24/7, or that our members lack a social life outside of World of Warcraft, nor do we aim to objectify our members just so that the guild has a fast progression rate to the cost of the happiness and wellbeing of them.
But it does not mean that we do not have regular raids or regard them as less important, on the contrary, the main idea is to beat the game content in a less time consuming, smarter and more intense way, and to make this happen we are solely looking for smart and skilled members, able to see the bigger picture.

Elitism is a raiding guild, this means that members must attend raids on a regular basis. We need our members to be active in order to succeed, so if you want to apply make sure that you are able to attend the minimum required number of raids and if you have signed up for a raid, we expect you to show up. We are a small guild with high attendance. In the case that you are going to miss a raid, you need to be responsible enough let us know ahead of time. We are not interested in someone who is going to flake out and not show up.

It is your responsibility to know your class inside out, it means that you take the time needed and search for information regarding your class, your talents and its abilities, if possible respecc. and improve.


Visit the forum once a day before you log into WoW. As a member of Elitism we encourage you to visit our forum and take part of the information there and stay updated about the matters that concerns Elitism such as upcoming raids, boss strategies and raid times. If there was a relevant bit of information posted on the forums and you missed it - it will affect our progression. Not complying with information/suggestions posted will not be accepted and regarded as inactivity.


The main raids are four times a week and we expect and encourage our members to attend as low as three raids each week. We strongly encourage in-guild grouping whenever possible, as well as helping each other with tradeskills and heroic farmings. All raids will be combat logged and our performance will be analyzed. It is your responsibility to know the fight strategies for the bosses that will be encountered. Check the Raid Calender for exact destination, date and respect the raid times.

If there is a raid being organized or has been planned and you have signed up, log in 15 minutes before the raid starts, use those 15 minutes to prepare, repair and re-locate to the instance entrance. If you for any reason can not join any of the raids organized, make sure you sign into the Raid Calender and let us know, otherwise you will be accounted for. Stay updated about the raid times, raids go live at the stated time in Raid Calender. This means that you are logged in ahead of that time, prepared, repaired and available for invite.

Raid times (CET)
Wednesday Thursday Sunday Monday Tuesday
20:00-23:30 20:00-23:30 18:00-23:00 20:00-23:30 Learning Encounter


We kill, we distribute the loots according to a predetermined attendance system and we move on. The loot will be distributed by the raid leader and will be based upon these principles:

  • Raid Attendance System Points, High attendance = precedence
  • Members before prospects
  • The member who will gain most from the upgrade

Patterns, schematics, recipes, materials or any other items that are BoP will be distributed to members who meet the required skill level. Patterns, schematics, recipes, materials or items for Class sets that are BoE and are not required by the raid members are to be banked in the guild bank so that it can be given to the highest member in need.

Attendance And Effort Point System - AEP

In order to make the loot system effective and fair, an Attendance and Effort System will be used and AE Points will be given to each raiding member, based only on the Time and Effort they put in, the amount of Attendance and Effort Points will then be used as a pointer and currency for a specific loot and will be subtracted from his/her AEP-pool, this way we can make sure that everyone can get a fair chance to get what they need.

Attendance and Effort Points will be given for

  • On time and Prepared bonus - Repaired, loaded with consumables
  • Hour of attendance
  • Hour of standby
  • Boss kill
  • Complete Run bonus - [Hour of attendance + Boss kill]
  • First Time Boss Kill For Guild
  • Learning encounter run - Getting to know the new encounters before the actual run, Wiping on new boss attempts.

Guild progression

Wrath of the Lich King


For Recruitment info /w Officers ingame or visit



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