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Edea's Orphans started in June 2004 in the Final Fantasy XI Online MMORPG and started in January 2007 in World of Warcraft. EO is a end-game raiding guild with a semi-casual attitude. To fill out an application go to For more information you can contact any of the guild officers in game or see our forums website for details.

Officers Edit

Nikodemos, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Troll Rogue Flirt. Contact for all the lovely ladies of Fenris to flirt with. "Want some Jungle Love?"
Markûs, Officer 
Original founder in FFXI. Tauren Warrior Slacker. Loves to speak dirty in French to the ladies.
Oggbi, Officer 
Troll Hunter Pimp. Reasonable prices on Raptor "tail"
Aerisia, Officer 
Blood Elf Warlock. Manna Biscuit Whore.
Grimgore, Officer 
Tauren Druid. Don't disturb the bear...
Milara/Nanaea, Officer 
Blood Elf Rogue/Blood Elf Paladin. EO's Mistress and Co-Flirt.
Warwagon/Zurah, Officer 
Tauren Warrior/Troll Mage. EO's quiet core.
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