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DutchForces is a PvE/PvP guild on the Zenedar EU server. It has around 160 members, some of them hardcore raiders, others more casual. We are one happy family and we are looking for more lone dutch soldiers to join our guild for the greater good. This guild is Billy Mays approved.

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Overview Edit

DutchForces is a raiding guild on the Zenedar EU server, with members who are dedicated to raiding, but not hardcore. We have two raiding teams. The others are mainly casual players. We are trying to be the biggest Dutch Family on Zenedar. We probably achieved this already. But everybody is welcome!


Screenshot of the Core.

Guild ProgressEdit

Pre TBCEdit

  • Molten Core - cleared
  • Blackwing Lair - cleared
  • Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - cleared
  • Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - cleared
  • Zul'Gurub - cleared

The Burning CrusadeEdit

  • Karazhan - in Queue for funraid
  • Gruul's Lair - in Queue for funraid
  • Magtheridon's Lair - in Queue for funraid
  • The Eye - cleared
  • Serpentshrine Cavern - in Queue for funraid
  • Mount Hyjal - in Queue for funraid
  • Black Temple - in Queue for funraid

The Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

  • Obsidian Sanctum - Cleared
  • Vault of Archavon - Cleared
  • Naxxramas - in Queue for future
  • Eye Of Eternity - Cleared
  • Ulduar - in Queue for future
  • Onyxia - Cleared
  • Trial Of The (Grand) Crusader - Busy
  • Ruby Sanctum - Mini-bosses down
  • Icecrown Citadel - 11/12, killed Sindragosa, now on Lich King 10 man.

History Edit

The guild was formed februari 2010, and was a project of five real life friends. They took a random server and started tranferring their characters. This server was named Vek'nilash. They joined when there was a free-server transfer to Zenedar. After a good month on the realm Vek'nilash, thet decided to follow the rest of the Horde, because playing on an empty server was dull. Whilst finally arrived on Zenedar, they started recruiting. The guild kept on growing with several Dutch members of Zenedar. Many people of the old realm followed the Four Prophets to the Promised Land.

PvE progress went very slow in the beginning, mainly because there weren't enough lvl 80's around. The Real Raiding started in June 2010, with the first tries on ICC. We kept on having problems with Rotface and Festergut, but in the middle of July, a miracle happened. The Prophets praised the Lords and the praising gave the raiding members astonishing energy. They fought so hard that they finally reached Sindragosa. This vile dragon kept on slaying them but on 8 August 2010 Dutch Forces finally slaughtered Cindy The Frozen Whore.

They are now fighting an epic battle against the Lich King. 11/12 for a Dutch Guild. They said we would never achieve this. That we needed other natonalities. But The Belgians and The Dutch did it!

Raiding Edit

ICC raids are running every week.


For The Dutch Force!

Guild Rules

  • We only accept members with 5K Gearscore( If they are lvl 80)
  • Always be nice and friendly
  • Seven Words You Can Never Say on WoW.( We wont post them, you know them)

We killed Sindragosa! Finally 11/12! And Frigo is raping a skeleton on the front so dont mind him ;)

Officers Edit

Zilverpapier/Infescassie, Guild Master
Guild Leader, Original Founder and Prophet Of The Light.
Frigo , Officer
Second Guild Leader, Original Founder, Leader Of The Frigin Tor and Prophet Of The Frozen Wastes
Bloedvlek/Gluhwein, Officer
Third Guild Leader, Original Founder and Prophet Of Blood
Furke, Officer
Fourth Guild Leader, Original Founder and Prophet Of The Beverage/Food
Grimler, Officer
Fifth Guild Leader, Original Founder(Joined later on) and Prophet Of The PewPew

Raidleaders Edit

  • Appieschaap - The Chosen One with absolutely no life at all. Might be the reason why he has chosen Death Knight.
  • Wordup/Aerra - The Magnificent and Talented Mr. Wordup/Aerra. With his ability to lead, he could send a weak nerd with no skills into the field and turn him into a Special Ops Soldier with the nickname Rambo. And that happens in only One Day.
  • Timmetje - Protector Of Life, this Paladin of the Light has protected many lives with his skilled weapons and will. Do not laugh with him...Seriously.
  • Aryth - A Great and strong Priest who can be seen as a pure delight, a saviour, a true Hero.
  • Ataris - The leadership of this man must be over 9000.

The Frigin Tor Edit

Magus Senate of DutchForces. Leader Frigo saw that the current situation between Horde and Alliance was suffering the Kirin Tor. Frigo decided to create his own Senate. This Magus Senate is one of the first Senates that is independent but it still under the watchful eyes of the Kirin Tor. Leader Frigo gives a weekly report to Rhonin and his associates. After all, they do not want the history to repeat itselves. Like Kel'Thuzad and his gang. Leader Frigo guarantees Rhonin that this will not happen and that he gives the weekly report with pleasure. The Frigin Tor is a Safe Haven for all Horde Mages. A Magus Senate that wants to protect the secrets of the Horde. Weekly Meetings are at the Antonidas Memorial. Headquarters is in The Underbelly, at Cantrips & Crows. It's not as luxury as The Kirin Tor, but it is a safe place. Later on, the Frigin Tor will expand. The Frigin Tor counts 15 members. There is a Council of Three with three Archmagi: Frigo, Smokeyjoene and Ataris.

Screenshots of The Champions Edit


Leader Of The Frigin Tor. One of the greatest Archmagi of his era. Wanted for Necrophilia.But nobody really cares for his sickness. As long as he stays away from the ghouls, it's all fine...

Aera (DutchForces)

Raidleader Aerra/Wordup. Wanted for personally training the Lich King. How do you think he became so strong? By getting his ass frozen on a Throne for 10 years?

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