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Guild Information Edit

Horde 32 Dungeon Crawl has been around since October of 2007 and recruit based on the idea of getting cool, reasonable, fun people who know what they’re doing, and putting them under one roof.

We’re interested in recruiting quality people who are smart, get along with others, and are happy to help out.

Dungeon Crawl recruits PEOPLE, not characters. Character class and gear are not important to us, although we do prefer to only take level 85's. (And raid spots will have to be assigned based on some class considerations, of course.) Real-life friends and family of full members are admitted automatically.

We currently have a good group of people raiding Dragon Soul. We also put together impromptu alt. runs to Dragon Soul and other Dungeons when people want to do them for badges and gear (and fun!)

Our membership is a healthy mix of working professionals, parents, and college students.

We have our own vent server and web site ( Questions in-game can be addressed to Mandalin, Isandra, Tahonaa, and Norval.

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