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Drunken Raiders

  1. Server: Server:Argent Dawn US
  2. Faction: Alliance
  3. Website:
  4. Recruiting Officers: Terinn & Saumer/Deymion

The Drunken Raiders are an internal group inside the Silver Dawn guild. We were originally formed as a group of friends who wanted to get together to see the Burning Crusade instances outside the 5 man setups. We are now a casual form of raiders that take pride in learning and defeating the encounters with other than optimal standards and raid make ups. We are just as focused on ensuring that the camaraderie and aspect of fun is in the game as much as we are focused on making the bosses go BOOM!

Raiding Progression

We have expanded so much now to the point that on most weeks we are running 2 Karazhan groups. As a collective whole we have cleared the Karazhan instance from front to back and do so now weekly in 2 days.

Due to the fact that we had such an expansion we have began testing out our mettle in the 25 man Instances. We have just started running Gruul's Lair and are proud to say that on our first night we defeated the Ogre Council rather handily and made some serious progess on Gruul.

Caveats and Addendums

Since we are more designed as the casual group we work mostly on a Democratic basis for raiding decisions and the like. We are not the Hardcore raiders of Argent Dawn and that is again a fact that we take very much pride in. We do use a fair DKP system for our 25 raids now that we will be consistently running them.

Since we are a part of Silver Dawn we do not have a typical officer structure like most guilds do. We do have an officer in Silver Dawn for our merry band of misfits. Our appointed officer in Silver Dawn for the Drunken Raiders is Aegisa. Our Raid Leader/Main Tank/Raid Slotting Expert is Fenlyle.

We will let you know now that we are named the Drunken Raiders for a reason as most of us do enjoy to imbibe a few tasty beverages during our raids. One of us so much to that point that he is our mascot, Soltar the Paladin, or as most of us enjoy calling him; Drunktar. He reminds us of that drunk Ogre in Dire Maul that would always sell you booze and then pass out.

We're here to be successful, we're here to win new loots, we're here to see the end game experience, but most of all...We're here to have fun!

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