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Potentially the oldest Horde guild on Shattered Hand, Divine Intervention began life way back in January 2004. It was formed by 5 friends, that had met playing the Playstaion 2 online MMORPG Everquest Online Adventures,on the only server available for Europe - Stonewatchers.

Formed on Shattered Hand server on the 5th March 2005, the guild was originally set up to provide a home for EQOA players that wished to try Blizzards new MMORPG, World of Warcraft. To ensure everyone was catered for a Horde guild was formed on Shattered Hand, and an Alliance guild on the Bladefist server. The Horde guild seemed the most popular choice and was thus the focus of our efforts (the Alliance guild does still exist but it is very rarely used).

Divine Intervention is renowned as being a "social" guild. Our prime directives have always been fair play, friendship and team work. As with many things in life you get out what you put in, and that is very true of Divine Intervention. Whilst we do raid it is by far not our sole purpose for existing. We are proud that we have stuck to our ideals over these years and are able to provide a safe, fun and happy gaming environment for those of like minds. This will not be to everyones tastes though, but those who discover Div Int and like it, tend to stay around for a long time.

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

When raid schedules have been discussed and decided upon for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm dungeons we will update here.

Guild InformationEdit

Guild Master - Medius

Vice Presidents - Deadgedd, Guy

Officers - Duele, Cachusha, Porosa, Orcus, Pitaten, Atroth, Calmar, Ithryn, Pinkhelmet, Shugyosha, Yamu, Xialagor

Applications to Divine Intervention are only accepted via our recruitment forum.

Please visit website for up-to-date information and link to recruitment forum.

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