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Alliance 32 Server:Shadow Council US

Summary and History Edit

Devstyle was founded May 1, 2005. The core group has played online games together ever since 1997 and are from all over the world. The guild is related to the webcomic Devstyle by Daniël Firing. Devstyle is a low roleplaying Alliance guild on the Shadow Council server.

Alliances and RaidingEdit

As of the introduction of The Burning Crusade, the guild and its allies have taken a sabbatical from regularly-scheduled raiding in order to focus on enjoying the new content of the expansion.


Devstyle is considerably selective with its recruiting and focuses far more on an applicant's overall personality and integrity rather than his or her character's gear or skill. To be eligible for membership, one must first submit an application at the guild's website. If the guild finds the application favorable, the applicant will be contacted ingame for a quick interview.


Any players who have experienced abusive or inappropriate activity on the part of any member of Devstyle should immediately contact Mocca/Gully, Lornnalth, Miktaul or Aiya through in-game communication.

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