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Desolance is a Horde "Social & Leveling" guild. Basically, we're fun, friendly, casual and like to have fun while leveling up. We have weekly instance runs ( raids ) for lower levels and new comers, anyone is welcome. Most of our members are on the east coast which causes some slow downs in activity at night but, as we grow this issue will be reprimanded lol. Currently we're home to around 50 accounts and constantly growing. Anyone interested in joining should visit the site a fill out an application.

This guild was formed on Proudmoore. It is dedicated towards a social atmosphere, and open for new members at all times.

Desolance Guild site

History Edit

There's not much to say here. Sneakybob and Dymdez co-founded Desolance on the basis of sharing a common interest in having fun while playing World of Warcraft. We don't have a story about how we've branched from another guild because of some huge dispute between members. After being with several other guilds, we've found that some people loose site of the purpose of the game: fun! So we took it upon ourselves to create a guild with that core value. Some people pay 15 dollars a month for PVP and gearing for raids and having to be the best; others, such as us, just like to enjoy the game for what it is.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

We've just started our weekly raid schedule, anyone interested please refer to our site. Desolance Guild site

Officers Edit

  • Sneakybob, Co-Founder
  • Dymdez, Co-Founder
  • Helyne, Player Relations
  • Hellsbandage, Leveling Expert
  • Celticdeath, Site Moderation
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