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Overview Edit

Deranged is a PVE/PVP guild located on Steamwheedle Cartel US. Deranged was first formed on the Stormreaver server when the game was impleted but moved to several other US servers before making Steamwheedle their current home. They have over 100+ guild members and are normally active during the Fall through spring months with summer being in hiatus. More information on this guild can be found at

Guild Rules Edit

All guild members are required to comply, or will be removed from the guild.

1. No Ninjas - follow the group loot rules! If they weren't announced ask the group leader before the fighting begins. Most people follow the loot rules that are pass on all BoP items and epics, roll for greed only if there is no need. Rolling should occur after everyone in the group has passed.

2. Respect - You treat us the way you want to be treated. We kid around a lot, but we never want someone's feelings get hurt.

3. Disputes - Disputes will be handled by the guild officers and if it needs to be escalated, upward to the Guild Leader.

4.Absolutely No Begging - We do not tolerate members who constantly demand help. You may ask for help, coordinates, places of interest, quest help, etc. but DEMANDING us to help you will result in the boot. That's just rude. You have to be trying in order to get help.

5. Bank Rule - New members who have not been with us more than 2 weeks, will not get any bank items. You must also join the site to show you mean to stay with the guild and didn't join just for the bank. You must also do your part in donating, either money, equipment or mats to help out others. After which, the officers will determine access

6. Racism - Deranged is a virtual melting pot of all people steming from US to overseas. Any type of racist or sexist comment will be turned over to the guild officers in which disciplenary action up to termination of your guild membership will be chosen

Officers Edit

Prytanis / Naraine, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for more information.
Canopic / Canc, co-GM": CO-GM
Dokilar, Officer 
Warlock class
Disposition, Officer 
Priest class
Aquastone Officer 
Rogue class
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