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* Server: [[Server:Al'Akir Europe|Al'Akir Europe]]
* Server: [[Server:Al'Akir Europe|Al'Akir Europe]]
* Founded: 6th July 2003 (in Warcraft III)
* Founded: 6th July 2003 (in Warcraft III)
* Guild Masters: Astaren, Crazygamer
* Community Leaders: Astaren, Crazygamer
* Officers: Mystere, Dibby, Linoge, Silverfox
* World of Warcraft Leader: Tyrko
* Officers: Goldnspirit, Iamwengy, Seiferoth, Varulv
* Faction: {{Alliance Icon Small}} [[Alliance]]
* Faction: {{Alliance Icon Small}} [[Alliance]]
* Website:
* Website:
* IRC: #defendersofvalor @ Quakenet<br>
* IRC: #defendersofvalor @ Quakenet<br>

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This article is a guild information page for Defenders of Valor of Al'Akir Europe.

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General Information

  • Server: Al'Akir Europe
  • Founded: 6th July 2003 (in Warcraft III)
  • Community Leaders: Astaren, Crazygamer
  • World of Warcraft Leader: Tyrko
  • Officers: Goldnspirit, Iamwengy, Seiferoth, Varulv
  • Faction: Alliance 15 Alliance
  • Website:
  • IRC: #defendersofvalor @ Quakenet


Defenders of Valor was founded on 6th July 2003 as Warcraft III clan. Today, Astaren, Stukof and Crazygamer are the only foundation-members left. Most of the early members of Defenders of Valor were disappointed by the behavior, attitudes and also gaming-skills of the average arround and therefore, we decided to build up an own, mature community to find friends to play with and against. Defenders of Valor mostly played (and created) custom maps rather than melee games. Later on, we decided to move to World of Warcraft.

In World of Warcraft, we started out with the same ideals and aims. At some point, most of our members would reach level 60 and we realized that raids are the defining (and most enjoyable) part of World of Warcraft's end-game. Our first Molten Core raid, together with guilds Aerion and Avengers of Azeroth, was on Sunday, 29th May 2005. Later on, guild Immunity also joined our raiding-alliance. After several months, however, 4 guilds started to be too many to raid with and our alliance broke apart. Most of Aerion's and Avenger of Azeroth's members joined either Immunity (nowadays known as "Phased") or Defenders of Valor and we became a raiding-force on our own.

Majordomo Executus was our last boss-kill as part of a raiding-alliance. Since then, we proceeded to kill Ragnaros, clear Blackwing Lair, conquer Zul'Gurub as well as the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraji and "de-bug" the Temple of Ahn'Qiraji all alone. Currently, we are working on Naxxramas. Even though we developed into a competitive raiding-guild with the clear aim to perform well in PvE-instances, we want to focus on and enjoy all aspects of the game. The social aspect of a guild is very important for us and we are particularly proud of having a mature, friendly and intelligent atmosphere.



Molten Core

Blackwing Lair



Serpentshrine Cavern

The Eye

Hyjal Summit

Black Temple



Defenders of Valor was and is very active in PvP and several players (e.g. Blopp, Jet, Pub, Silverfox) managed to achieve the Grand Marshal rank during the time of their membership in Defenders of Valor.


Season 1:
Bazzaloska, Orgasmic
Season 2:
Astaren, Chron, Jet, Junglle, Lexius, Linoge, Min, Mystere, Orgasmic, Vinsent

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