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Right now Dark Sacrament is a social-leveling guild with a high interest into guild-wide raiding in the near future. We are currently running Outland Heroics. We accept any race or class into the guild. Ranks are based on levels you achieve. We are currently looking for healers.

After the implementation of a website, Dark Sacrament has since then began a schedule of guild activities including games, screenshot contests, "professioning" schedule, and exploration campaigns with mini raids. Other activities are still in the works continuously.

For more information you can contact Reynarra, Krenus, or any of the other officers in-game.

Guild ranks Edit

  • Guild Master - Guild Leader
  • Inquisitor - Guild Officer
  • Enthusiast - (veteran rank)
  • Raider - level 65+
  • Marauder - level 50-64
  • Adventurer - level 40-49
  • Privateer - level 30-39
  • Ranger - level 20-29
  • Scout - level 10-19
  • Initiate - rank upon entering guild, alts

History Edit

Dark Sacrament was formed on Grizzly Hills (US) in January of 2009 by Janel and a group of friends. No one had any idea the guild would grow to more than 100 members. In March of 2009 Dark Sacrament unveiled their new website implemented by the guild webmaster. The guild is still going strong and still recruiting anyone who is looking for a comfortable circle of people who just want to have fun and help others in the world of WoW.

Weekly instance schedule Edit

  • Mondays and Thursday requests are accepted for dungeons runs.
  • Guild members are always grouping together to complete high level dungeons, heroics, and dailies.
  • On other days of the week requests may be accepted if the officer wishes to.

Guild rules Edit

  • Number 1 Rule: Have fun or we'll kill ya!
    • It's really just our guild motto, meaning don't take WoW so seriously and try to have a good time!
  • Treat others as you yourself would wish to be treated.
  • You must read the guild rules on the website/forum for promotion to commence.
  • Do not beg for gold or tire out our officers with too many run requests.
  • Do not take out higher-level items from the GB that you don't need - we are monitoring this.
  • Also, try to use 'Need' when in instances with guild members only if you actually do need that item... otherwise it is more polite to 'Greed' items, unless rules are already established before the start.

Officers Edit

Here is a list of people to contact to be recruited or for more information:

Reynarra, Guildmaster
Sunash, Inquisitor
Cantwin, Inquisitor
Krenus, Inquisitor
Solaman, Inquisitor
Seventeen, Inquisitor
Mythslayer, Inquisitor
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