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History Edit

We are a social, pve-minded guild looking to best the end-game content this game throws at us. We migrated to Executus from another PvP realm for a fresh start and improved environment of this realm.

Frostwhisper EU Edit

Originally a small group of friends formed a guild, rolling fresh a short time after launch on the Frostwhisper named Zod. This guild was purely a social guild which had few level 60's. Over time the guild expanded doing daily 5 man instances with the hope of reaching larger content.

At one point a fresh start was decided, a new guild was formed called Midnight and new people brought in, the guild expanded well and moved on to things such as Zul'Gurub and AQ20 but never managed to finish either with progress stalling due to lack of activity.

When TBC launched the guild got into a much faster gear, effort was made by all sides including lots of fresh members and the guild began to clear Karazhan within a few weeks having completely cleared it. The guild moved on and started 25 man raids with Gruul's Lair doing both encounters within a few weeks. Due to internal arguments many of the members left to form a more hard-core raiding guild and the remaining members (many of which had been there since the creation of the guild) decided for a fresh start on a new realm.

Executus EU Edit

Many realms were searched with multiple factors being looked into, it was sure that everyone would transfer, so the guild would definitely remain Horde. Everyone also agreed that they would like to remain on a PvP realm, as opposed to moving to a PvE realm. Realm progress levels, Battle group activity and auction houses were checked and it was eventually agreed upon to migrate to Executus.

The first members started transferring on the 1st of September 2007. All in all over 25 unique people moved from Frostwhisper to Executus including multiple level 70 characters and alts. After being here for several months all the moving members remain happy with the move and their new realm.

About the Guild Edit

Unlike most raiding guilds our membership is not restricted to level 70's, we do not recruit solely based on class or equipment. We maintain our social aspect through alts and pre-70 members who we help and have fun with on a day to day basis. This has worked so well for us that several of our members are able to attend raids on their tank, healer or even DPS providing the most versatile and friendly environment available for raiding.

Structure Edit

The structure is very similar to that of other Guilds, instead of a Guild Master and Officers, a more open management is in place though having Council Members directed by a Council Lead. Council Members include Class Leaders, these are a loose role designed to help we recruitment pruning and helping newer members when it comes to stats, spec's and items.

The guild prides itself on its organisation and professional management. Including a dedicated url, custom built website which includes user signup, news, forums, addon downloads, screen shots, raid management and item linking etc. There is also a dedicated professional gaming ventrilo servers for all members to use during parties, raids, arena's and just for chat.

Recruitment Edit

Due to the more social aspect of this guild over some more dedicated raiding guilds Dark Origin is always recruiting although like all guilds that do raid we are always looking for something specific. The guild has a dedicated Recruitment Page which lists the current specifically needed classes as well as a direct link to the recruitment form. Recruitment is handled by a dedicated form and not a public forum so peoples applications to other guilds cannot be spied upon by other people.

Activities Edit

The guild is extremely active and you will find people online during most hours. a unique niche market that this specific guild suits is those that raid at slightly different hours to other people. Normal evening raids start at 21:00 Game Time and the guild also operate 01:00 raids for those who work evenings or strange shifts.

PvP Edit

Whilst the guild is primarily aimed at PvE many of the members do take part in PvP, the guild has PvP forums and multiple arena teams and some times pre-made battlegrounds although these are more rare due to the concentration on raid progress

PvE Edit

With the guilds main direction at being fun and PvE, the progress is somewhat slower than it would some times be preferred, what the guild does do it does well. On its first ever night in Karazhan of which none of the members had (at the time) been to before, Attuneman the Huntsman, Moroes and the Maiden of Virtue all went down within the first few hours, killing the Prince within the first 3 weeks of raiding.

The guild, like many is working on concentrating on 25 man raids and as such is always looking for the right people to join.

Karazhan Zul'Aman Gruul's Lair Magtheridon's Lair Serpentshrine Cavern Tempest Keep
Cleared Halazzi Cleared Cleared Leotheras Void Reaver
12/12 4/6 2/2 1/1 4/6 1/4
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