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CrystalBlade Legion is a casual/social guild which aims at playing the game for fun.

This guild is aimed at people who want to play the game for fun, and optionally casually, but without having to sacrifice their actual life or put up with people with attitude problems. Our goals are the following:

  1. To have fun.
  2. To explore as much content as possible.
  3. To become completely independent as a guild.

That is what we want to achieve, and we know it's possible in WoW's current state. Help us realize these goals! Check out our site at or contact the guildmaster or any of the officers in-game. Contacts below.

On the site you can also find our forums, plus many extra information pages and articles. Most of which are still under construction. The (currently) optional application form can also be found on the homepage, to the right.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

CBL was founded back in late 2006 by Carnanum, Groenebeul, and a few other players, just for fun. Without any clear idea of what to do, the guys from CBL just hung around, inviting some people from time to time and just plainly having fun together. CBL has always been a small guild and there have been many ups and downs, and a few periods where everyone was inactive (at these times the guild was officially closed). Carnanum, along with Groenebeul and Moonfighterr (the two oldest and most loyal members) continued to make attempts to revive the guild, and were successful each time, usually gaining a slightly larger memberlist each time. This time we've got it all figured out, and we've set clear goals. Despite us being (semi) casual, we know that we can explore most of the content of the game without problems - provided we have enough members!

Weekly raid schedule Edit

None yet! For the time being events and raids will simply be organised on the in-game calendar, which people can sign up for.

Guild rules Edit

Naturally, to keep the atmosphere nice, we have a few rules that we enforce. Disbehaving members will receive warnings if they're (close to) breaking any rules.

  • Treat all guildmembers with respect. (also try to treat non-guildmembers with respect)
  • Do not beg for or demand promotion.
  • Speak English in the guild chat. (to the best of your ability)
  • Don't spam the guild chat. (e.g. multiple item links, DPS counters, and so on)
  • Don't pester others for boosts, gold, or anything else. (this also goes for non-guildmembers)

Officers Edit

Include a list of people in charge of the guild that others should get in touch with if interested in contacting the guild for any reason. Optionally, you can include their title and a short summary of their responsibilities.

Carnanum, Guildmaster 
The guild's punching bag and go-getter.
Ereal, Senior Officer 
Our very own 'Lolorc'. Don't be deceived by his 'funny talk', he'll kick your arse.
Fero, Senior Officer 
Last one of the Trinity. Slight altoholic. Fearsome tree.
Mimichan, Officer 
Slightly sadistic. Even for a girl.
Bassleader, Junior Officer 
Blunt as a hammer. Reliable like one as well.
Cepelinas, Recruiter 
Orc on drugs, honestly, but he'll get you inside.
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