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Overview Edit

Crit Happens is a "casual" end game raiding guild with about 200 members. We are progression oriented, but we leave individual members with control of their own characters. If you are not looking for a raiding guild, you can still find a home with Crit. Raiding is not mandatory, however we do encourage participation. We also have several high-end PvPers if that is the arena you wish to wage war in.

History Edit

With many members who have been around for a long time, Crit Happens is a well established guild that isn't going to fold overnight. Our leaders and members tend to be guild focused and strive to ensure progression, help to keep member enjoyment levels high, and take actions to ensure the guild is healthy in the future.

Progress Edit

10-Man Content

25-Man Content

World Bosses

Raid Scheduler Edit

Karazhan and Zul'Aman are run during non-scheduled raid times.

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