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ConcussioN is a mix of all types of gameplay & players. We have solid raiders as well as the more PVP focused gamers.

ConcussioN was formed on Draenor. It is dedicated towards instances & raiding, though we do mix in a bit of PVP to have a little more fun. To fill out an application goto For more information you can contact Borro, Splynt, Khiruh, Malluear, Awahar, Sivvs, or Holymoldy in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was originaly formed by Borro shortly after entering the Hinterlands, post BC. From there members joined the guild for leveling purposes as well as the social aspect. We soon realized there are many like minded gamers out there.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Thurs - 6:00pm server time OS & VoA
  • Friday - 6:00pm server time
  • Sat - 2:30pm server time Naxx
  • Sun - EoE or Ulduar depending on class sign ups.

Guild rules Edit

guild \'gild\ n : an association of people with common aims and interests

To be true to this definition, we must place certain rules and guidelines that are to be followed by all members (from the guild leader to the initiate)that will ensure a fair and enjoyable area where we can all come together and play World of Warcraft. Remember this is not a democracy, the Guild Leader is in charge of the guild.

Guild chat - The leaders of ConcussioN ensure guild chat is a place to learn, share ideas and is intended for game related issues and casual conversation. Cussing & swearing (offensive language) serves no purpose in the enjoyment of the game. If you choose to repeatedly abuse your guild chat privilages by useing profane or vulgar language, you will be removed from the guild and all of it's resources.

Voice Chat – All raids and some guild activities require voice enabled chat, and certain add-ons. They are necessary to communicate an effective strategy and directions should something go not as planned. Please contact an Officer to learn what add-ons are required.

Respect Other Guild Members - You are required to treat your fellow guild members with respect. Any problems with another guild member(s) should be brought to an Officers attention immediately. If an Officer is not online, or one is not available at that time, place that guild member on ignore until an Officer can be contacted. Do not engage or argue about the matter.

Attitude - Your attitude has a direct impact on fellow guild members. We understand that sometimes things (in real life or in-game) go wrong or not as planned. Accept it and move on. We come here to enjoy the game and company, not play therapist.

Participation - You are an active member of ConcussioN and are therefore expected to interact with ALL guild members. Avoiding groups because of a certain person(s) will ensure that you are alienated from any/all events. This will eventually render you useless to this guild and will cause you to either leave voluntarily or be removed against your will.

Officers Edit

Borro, Guildmaster 
Policy maker.
Khiruh, Co-Leader 
Guild Enforcer.
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