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Colobras is a guild of RL friends from Perth, Australia playing on the Thaurissan PvP server. The guild is a proud part of the Horde, with most members playing as Blood Elf.

This guild was formed on Thaurissan. Although a PvP guild, Colobras are willing to take on new players and want to create an enjoyable game experience for all guild members.

Guild progress Edit

The guild is fairly noob and doesn't have too many Level 70 characters, so hasn't done much raiding to date. Level 70 characters sometimes play Arena together.

On Friday 29 August 2008, Colobras guild filled majority of spots for Karazhan run. Attendees were Orcy the tank man, Blasterm the high warlord, Crucible the rocking lock, Miko-chan the smexy smexy one, Albie the even more smexy one, and Tofu the avatar of LEADER. All other spots were filled by randoms, proving you can PUG KZ (kinda). Wowwiki understands that the run was not completed, as various people had to sleep, were too soft etc.

Guild History Edit

The following is a brief summation of the progressive spread of wow:

2006: Lapunit and Obikwan, the founders of the movement

2006: Nichmach signs up

2006: Saever suckered in

2007: Jujufruit, formally founded the Guild of Colobras

2007: It was decided that the guild was testosterone heavy, hence a devious marketing plan to recruit females was devised. Jujufruit set out on an epic quest of club hopping, placing personal ads, joining cooking classes & pole dancing classes. In a last ditch attempt, Jujufruit attended a local witchcraft club, specialising in f**king voodoo magic in Gosnells. The two witches of Thaurissan, Calandria & Matisse were recruited. Things were never the same.......

2007: During late 2007, the guild was in disarray. Due to unforeseen consequences, the officers of the guild were in constant bickering over the Thaurissan witches. As a result, to appease the officers, Jujufruit discovered another potential female player through the participation of various female activities, Mikohime was recruited.

2007: No one really knows, when the next two recruits were officially members of the guild. But what we do know is that Pigeanos and Angeruchan posses an epic purple demonic cast known to the members as "Strawberry kisses". No one knows where it comes from, and no one dares to ask.

2008: A shroud of mystery surrounds our next guild member, there are many theories but no one is certain for sure, as there are no survivors to retell the tale. Some say he grew up in the depths of the Lochness Lake and others say his mentor is Godzilla. What is known, is that he was dishonorably expelled from numerous South Korean International Gaming Universities due his unorthodox gaming tactics and no prisoner approach. Some people even say that character Sylar stems from various Mingerpatrol mythical stories.....

Guild Info Edit

Pre-requisites for guild membership are any one of the following:

-be of Russian or Chinese descent

-inexplicably have multiple characters of the same class (but different race)

-be a stooge

-be an aggro king

-be a 1337 h4xx0r when rolling on lootz.

-ride a chicken

-quote "but I'm Harry Potter!"

-wear the pink guild tabard

that is all.

Officers Edit

Jujufruit, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. He also has a top first touch in futsal.
Saevar, Lieutenant 
Apparently he looks like Jesus.
Nichmach, Lieutenant 
Can eat more sushi then you
Lapunit, Lieutenant 
For some reason has respect for Dean (DEANNO DEANNO DEANNO)
Obikwan, Lieutenant 
Top mage with pew pew pew frostbolt and rocket shot in indoor.

Guild Events Edit

In 2008, Angeruchan noticed one of those loading tip things that said to meet your friends outside Azeroth. Due the excessive levels of nerdiness amongst guild members, they were unable to make non-WoW playing RL friends, and therefore had to resort with meeting other guild members in RL. RL guild events organised to date have included:

- Bbq on a public holiday weekend in King's Park when it was freaking packed! Almost everyone there played WoW even though they didn't all know each other hahaha.

- Korean bbq and karaoke! Saevar demonstrated pet-like qualities in his consumption of meat. Matisse was the mic hog (mwahaha =P) and Lapunit + Nichmach formed da hip hop police! XD

- Jujufruit and Mikohime resolved to form the smexiest dance crew to emulate JabbaWockeeZ and Bryan Tanaka! ^________^ Woot!!

Betrayal! Edit

In May 2008, the Colobras guild was cruelly betrayed by one of its oldest members and a key officer, Nichmach. Jilted at Mikohime's repeated rejection of his romantic advances, Nichmach took issue and set upon a path of internal destruction of the guild. This began with petty acts such as moving things around in the guild bank and stealing a few coppers, but soon escalated to juvenile name calling and flicking the large elven ears of guildmates. Rumour has it that honourable leader Jujufruit was on the verge of expelling Nichmach, when a dramatic twist occurred. Nichmach snapped and in a fit of rage, vandalised the guild crib and physically abused the guild groupies (cos everyone loves Colobras - except Nich).

Nichmach has since been on the run, with loyal guildies hunting him down to exact their terrible vengeance (which involves force feeding him with bitter cucumber and hanging pink, heart-patterned underwear on his head... mwahahaha!!). Scouts have reportedly sighted Nichmach trying to evade capture in Warsong Gulch. The hunt is on...

Spotted: Nichmach dressed as Po, one of the teletubbies, wandering around at WarSONG Gulch aka Karaoke. You know you love me.. XOXO Gossip Girl.

Developments: June 2008 Edit

Around June 2008, the guild experienced something of a "renaissance" or "epiphany" (although it did not involve any creative or intellectual energy, so may fairly be argued not to be) with a few new members. Even guild leaders are unsure how many new members joined, as there were a couple of guys first, then they kidnapped some 70s from other realms, then a couple of others joined later as well. It was all pretty mysterious. The new guildies have taken to the Colobras' eccentric style well, picking up on the "hoy hoy" greeting within like a few days or something. Speculation has been mounting that Colobras is now the guild of choice for the scores of WoW addicts who work at Burswood Entertainment Complex, as guildies have taken to actively recruiting in those fertile grounds.

Oh yeah, and Nich came back. =P

Nich Smells :d PLAY MORE DOTA

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