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The guild originated in Ultima Online, but is no longer active there. It expanded into World of Warcraft during the closed beta and has been growing slowly but steadily ever since. The guild consists of mature players from all over Europe, with a majority coming from the UK, the Low Countries and Scandinavia (including some Icelanders who insist on being mentioned specifically here). All communication is done in English.

Background story

Clan Blackstar was founded by Eana Wingforge, a Dwarven woman born into the Wingforge Clan of gryphon riders, closely related to the Wildhammer Clan of Aerie Peak. She was inspired to form her own clan after the mountain home of the Wingforgers was plundered and destroyed while she was on campaign against the Scourge. Having found the Light during that campaign, she decided to forge her own clan as not to become a homeless refugee. The name 'Blackstar' refers to visions Eana had before the plundering of her home. In these visions, she saw a blackness that tried to give off a light, which she dubbed a 'black star'. Clan Blackstar is particularly welcoming to refugees and people of all races who suffered greatly in recent times. Full background story

The clan's battle cry is "Glory to Blackstar!" or "Glory!".

Current activities

January 2011

With the new Cataclysmic events. Worgen have showed themselves and added to our clan.

Worgen nights are now being arranged for low level content and preparations are made to make a guild progression towards the new cataclsym dungeons. On the website of Clan Blackstar a journal is being maintained and some new tactics, hints and tips are posted.

Fall 2009 Deathnights have been organised and been successful. The idea was a group with only Deathknights surviving several dungeons without a healer. As of the Summer 2009 the clan has changed thoroughly. A group of Clan members with other goals decided to go their own way and made their way to a new guild called " up to eleven". Others have gone to Storm Knights and relations are still being maintained. This gives an opportunity for going to raids with them. As of November 2007, the guild is quite active, with between 5 and 15 people on every night. There are frequent visits to instances, mostly high-level. Many guild members with level 70 characters still play lower-level alts. In fact, most members of the guild have several characters which they play occasionally. Other guild members are still working their main character up to level 70.

After a wave of visits to 'old' raid instances such as Molten Core and Zul'Gurub, Clan Blackstar has now begun to explore the not-so-abandoned halls Karazhan. The guild has shown good progression. About every two weeks there are about 2 runs, although there is no strict schedule. Some individual members are part of an external raiding group as well.


November 2009, No real change. Pvp is not actively pursued if only to get some achievements. In May 2007, Clan Blackstar started a 5v5 Arena Team, called 'Glory of Blackstar'. It is currently not very active. Some members play the occasional battleground, but usually this is done alone and not with other guild members.

Horde: Blackstar Clan

Clan Blackstar has a Horde counterpart on The Sha'tar (EU), called Blackstar Clan. This guild contains Horde alts of Clan Blackstar guild members. Previously, this guild was housed on Earthen Ring (EU) but since a lot of guild members were constrained by the 10-characters-per-server limit, it was moved to another server. As of November 2007, there is little to no activity in Blackstar Clan.


Clan Blackstar is open to mature players who respect the RP policy and the Naming policy in particular. Application rules and guidelines are available here, the guild's official rules can be found here. The clan reopened for applications on November 6th, after a few months of being closed. These temporary closures happen more often, and are meant to allow for current candidates to be inducted properly before new ones are added.



  • Eana Wingforge (also Thregar, Johann, Rethimar or Isharamir)


  • Thigrak (also Rorthrane)
  • Kyjnohr (also Lysiuto, Norrix, Zorrix and many, many more)
  • Gambar Darkstone (also Shiary, Decus, Mirel)

As you can see the officers also suffer from altitis. The best way to apply to the guild is therefore to use the Clan's application form. Contacting the clan in-game is best done on the 'Blackstar' chat channel, if you don't know anyone personally.

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