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Children of Eternity is a medium-heavy RP guild with regular RP events and raids.

This guild was formed on Moon Guard. The basic principle of Children of Eternity is balance between light and shadow and respect for other players. There are teams for RP, PvP and Raiding and 10-man raids are frequent. To fill out an application go to and click "Recruitment". For more information you can visit the website or contact an officer in game.

Philosophy Edit

This guild was originally formed by Avalyndrae shortly after the blood elves joined the Horde. Avalyndrae was training as a Blood Knight Initiate when she founded Children of Eternity and had recently learned of the blood elf paladins' use of a captive naaru, Mu'ru, to harnass the power of the Light. She had also recently befriended a warlock and witnessed the use of demons for a good purpose. It occurred to her that so-called "goodness" and "evil" might not be so easily defined. Looking to nature as her example, Avalyndrae sought to learn of balance between Light and shadow, or dark, and founded Children of Eternity to seek others of like mind who were interested in the philosophy of "balance".

History Edit

Children of Eternity was established on March 8, 2007, shortly after the opening of the server Moon Guard. Prior to the release of Wrath of the Lich King they were running 10-man Karazhan frequently. After the expansion, it was not long until enough members were farming heroics and the guild was ready for 10-man Naxxramas.

Guild policies and structure Edit

All more descriptive and specific information pertaining to the guild Children of Eternity can be found on their Official Website.

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