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Horde 32The <Cheshire Cats- Dissension>are a mature heavy roleplaying guild on Sisters of Elune (US). The guild's signature roleplaying style involves heavy, enforced role-play at ALL times with the only exception being in the guilds dedicated OOC channel and when using brackets or some form of identification you are speaking OOC otherwise.

The Cats' 'main' storyline has recently (as of January 13th/2010) taken an exciting twist. The rag tag group that loafed around was faced with a terrible Sickness which was attacking the minds of the Alliance, breaking groups apart. Noticing this (almost too late) the gang leader decided the only way to escape it was to become the enemy who sent it- since they were immune. She got a couple devices that allowed for physical body transformation and took those Cats that were left into enemy lines...into the skin of the Horde. Now they have to learn to fit in and adapt to their new bodies and lives. Find allies amoung those they would have killed without a second thought. The game has changed. Now it's serious.

People don't feel restricted with role-play here. We also take great pains to make sure the Line between real life and the imaginary is heavily enforced.

As far as raiding goes, it's not a guild focus. Many members do raid (and stay IC while doing it) however are always ready to come to a members need should it be called for. In this guild you're not seen as a level, or a class. What kind of gear you have or how good you are at battles carries little weight. Here, what matters most is imagination and dedication. In this guild, it's not raid progression, but character progression and development that is the focus.

We offer guild movies (search TheCheshireCats on YouTube!), artwork and more Please read The Simple Truth which lists how we are truly unique from all the other horn blowing 'heavy' RP guilds out there.



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While you are free to contact any Cat for help, there are some who are known as Officers whome you may wish to speak to in particular.

  • Kat IconSmall Orc FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes rogue- Guild Mistress
  • Xrith IconSmall Tauren MaleUi-charactercreate-classes deathknight Second in Command
  • Shariadunè IconSmall Tauren FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes druid- Ambassador

The Application Process

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We have an application process which has been refined over four years. It may take a week or two, for an interested person to get in the guild, however during that time people are engaged and encouraged to role-play as if they already were a member of the guild. Through varous in game events, groups, Site RP and more, those interested in the guild are swept up into the other side of WoW. The process is to help weed out younger players and those who are not into role-playing as much as they may have thought. There is no pressure to join us. Even if you decide during this time we are not for you, you are still welcome to engage us for RP at anytime as well as continue to enjoy the site.

We have someone called an Ambassador. It is their job to answer all your questions both IC and OOC, and help you and your character along during the process to get in. There is no such thing as a stupid question. However if she is not around please feel free to post your questions right on the site (or /who Dissension in game) and someone will try to help.

For more information on the application process please see: Application Form & How to Join

Open Role-Play Board

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An open board on our site where anyone is welcome to come and post. We offer a place for people to post their Character Descriptions(and pictures), Character Histories, or any Fictional Stories they may wish to share as well as active role-play threads. You can join in or create your own. You do NOT need to be a member of the guild, or the site to post here. So please, stop by and enjoy yourself. The site gets over 50 guests visits daily.


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"This gang is about having the choice to live life the way you see fit, even if that goes against society's rules, and knowing that you'll have a bunch of friends ready to back you up no matter what you've chosen."
  • Well established, created in 2005.
  • Mature, intelligent members.
  • We believe we PAY to role-play, so why not do it.
  • Be lvl 15 or Higher. You gotta show you care about your character.
  • Have a serious desire to role play... or even if you cannot role play all that well and want to learn from the best... we will help teach you. Just have the passion.
  • We follow Blizzards Role-Play server guide-line. (Yes there really is one.)
  • Role-play all the time, even in groups where no one else is. Period. You login to your Cat character, you are IC.
  • Dedicated OOC channel available.
  • We have active members ready to help others with questing, items, etc.
Ability rogue masterofsubtlety
I started the Cats a long time ago.... About six months after i started playing WoW. I thought it would be fun. I was right and wrong. It's been very hard work. There have been both good and bad times. i wouldn't change either for the world. What started out as a simple RP guild has changed over the months and years, into so much more. What started as a conceptual family in character has turned into one Out Of Character.
Members take pride in saying they are a Cheshire Cat. Being a Cat is a way of living to us. Being a Cat strikes deep into ones heart where things you are passionate about are blown into a living representation. It's just FUN to be a Cat!
We love to role-play, but we have a motto.
Real Life first- Always.

We understand if you can't make a meeting, or an event... we try hard to work the game around real life- as it should be. So while IC we may look a little shady and questionable.. OOC we are the best bunch around.

While there may be guilds out there who try to imitate us by using our unique theme and such, all we can do is smile.
We are often imitated, never duplicated!

Our Guilds Name, and Origin

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The Cheshire Cat has a very real OOC image which comes to mind to the player. i won't lie, it is the idea around which i made the guild from. (More specifically American McGee's Cheshire Cat, NOT the Disney version.) It was with this in mind, i began to weave my WoW world around it. And came up with a way to give the guild its name. i'm a very creative, imaginative person. i believe almost anything is possible in RP if you just put your mind to it.
Keep in mind, ICly, Cheshire Cat does not have the same hook or association as it does OOC. IC, the guild is known for its guild mistress, and for their fierce tenacity and passion for life. The image is the split grinning skull which holds its own meaning.


After her (Kat's) 'parents' got killed when she was 6, Kat became an orphan. There had been a dwarven woman in the orphanage that Kat had liked. She always was smiling. She always had an extra cookie for the red haired girl. That dwarven woman's name was Cheshire. Then the rebellious streak in Kat surfaced and she ran away. During her time on the streets she often watched the ally cats lurking around, stealing food from pantries and window sills, chasing rats, eying every stranger with contempt and when cornered fighting with more passion then she ever thought such a small creature could have. She admired them and how they did what they had to do to survive. Admired their wild ways, sneaky natures, resiliance..How, no matter what people threw at them they kept coming back.... And she would smile at this. Smile as she did when she was munching on that cookie from the grinning dwarven woman.
The rest is history...When Kat formed her gang she combined two things that helped make who she was. Something that made her smile, and something that gave her strength. Now she's been forced into the world of the enemy. She refuses to give up, and give in. After all, that's the spirit of being a Cat.

The Cats In Character

Ability druid ferociousbite
Strength. Unity. Family.
That's what we are about. About giving a family to those who have none one way or another. Families take all kinds. So do we. The good, the bad... the ugly, the beautiful. Our differences, our passions, are what bind us together. We don't care where ye come from. Yer past is that. Yer future be with us.
We stick together through everything. We believe in second chances. We believe in each other.
We strongly believe that it is the quality of the people who make a gang what it is, not the quantity. We are only as strong as our weakest member. So if someone ever needs help they get it. Just like that. We even have officers specifically DEDICATED to helping those who call for help no matter where they are or what they are doing they come.
Yeah, we may be rough around the edges... forget manners, or even dance on tables. But we know how to have fun.
Screw society and what they think of us. Tis society which has made us as we are!
If you're looking for the pink bunny foo foo gangs... look elsewhere. Here if you aren't tough enough... we'll eat you alive.
We have a rep of being hated and despised. We don't care, and carry such a reputation with pride. While those who spit and jeer at us remain jealous and apart from us... only a Cheshire Cat knows what it's like to truly belong.

Their Views

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They believe in their own version of justice, power, truth, peace, and of course, loot. The prime obligation, however, is to the guild mistress and the gang. They are a very tight-knit and fiercely devoted family to each other. It is the outsider looking in which may think they are a bunch of stuck up arrogant fools. They may be right. However only a Cheshire Cat knows what it is like to truly belong. For in this family they are free to be themselves. No masks, no hiding no elaborate facade. They sign their loyalty in blood.

Guild Rules

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  • 1. DO NOT CROSS THE LINE. You must have a very firm grasp on The Line, and sticking to it. We don't mix OOC and IC. Those who do, are not Cats for long. We stay on top of this, for the health of the guild and its members, and the health of the players. What is 'The Line' , in a nut shell, is the clear distinction between real life and game life.
  • 2. When you login to your Cheshire Cat character, you are IC-In character until you logout. (Includes whispers, parties, raids, etc.) Your RP mod should never say 'Out Of Character' A Cheshire Cat character is not one to login to if you don't feel like role-playing. Please make an alt for that.
  • 3. Remember Respect. Be mature in your dealings with others. (Out of Character, In Character be however your character is.) Many small minded people confuse the players with who the characters are. If there is any ever question, be sure to send an OOC whisper to clarify in case the person is confused. Not everyone is a heavy role-player and understands you are only role-playing. Also, no, means no.

If you EVER have a problem, question, or concern, bring it to the attention of an Officer as soon as possible so that it may be addressed and a solution/answer found soon as possible.

  • 4. (Except in the Out of Character channel)Remember to use some form of identification that you are speaking OOC.
  • 5. Know that the ONLY Out of Character channel as recognized by Blizzard is the General channel. (Even then, i personally still use brackets when speaking OOC there) ALL other channels are to be IN CHARACTER. This includes but is not limited to, Trade, and LookingforGroup, etc. So be mindful when asking for help in groups- there should be no abbreviations 'LFM for ZF' is an example.
  • 6. Be active on the site. A lot of important information goes here. Both IC and OOC. (We also have a board for RP stories where anything goes.)
  • 7. If after a time you should decide this guild is not for you, adhere to the role-play.

Have your character's attitude and such change to reflect your choice. It is only respectful to leave us with an IC short story explaining what happened, as well as a note of OOC farewell.

  • 8. The use of a Role-Play Mod is expected and encouraged. Example: Flag Rsp. Location to download, as well as installation details and what to expect using this mod can be found on the site.
  • 9. Leave Drama at the door.

We do not tollerate it. We are not here to hold your hand and be your parents. We take in guild harassment VERY seriously. If you feel you are being harassed by a member, please have the common sense to know to come to an officer. We deal with our own. Additionally if you feel you are being wrongfully treated by a Cheshire Cat OOC, contact an Officer and be sure to have screenshots or chatlogs ready to email in case of dispute.

  • Note: As a Cheshire Cat you are expected to role-play at all times. I realize this has been mentioned, however to reiterate, it includes when in groups with Non-Cats.

If you have any questions about this please ask.

So You Think You Got What It Takes?

Ability warrior challange

The process for joining this guild is like collecting key pieces for Kara. It's long and involved. It takes paitence, dedication and time. However in the end, you will be rewarded with a new and rewarding experience in this game.

Everyone who wants to become a Cheshire Cat must fill out an appliation form which is found on our site. It helps us weed out those who just wanna get in for the heck of it, and those who are truly passionate about role-play.

We are always recruiting. We don't advertise because we care about the number of members in the guild. We advertise to let role-players out there who are about ready to give up know that role-play is NOT dead, that it DOES exist, and it exists right here.

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