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Champions of Draenor is a casual but raiding horde guild whose ethos is for it's members to enjoy the game and to progress at their own pace. This said, the guild do raid regularly, enjoy PvP, share dailies, quest together and participate in fun events. All members of the guild are aged 18 or over. The only exceptions are where the parents of any under 18s are part of the guild.


This guild was formed on Silvermoon. We moved to Chamber of Aspects due to Silvermoon being over run by Alliance (95% of them to 5% of us) and the realm server being over-populated. Champions of Draenor is not a hardcore guild; however does raid regularly; some weeks a couple of times and others four or five times. (No minimum attendance required by members). Players with a mature and relaxed attitude are welcomed into this family like guild. To fill out an application go to Champions of Draenor Guild Forum. For more information you can contact Chironous or Seratorz or Crotus in game.

In April 2011 Champions of Draenor closed down on Chamber of Aspects and moved to Draenor where it rebranded as Shiny

Guild Progress

Wrath of the Lich King

The Burning Crusade (Historically)


This guild was originally formed by Seratorz and Crushbone. After growing steadily and a few changes to the leadership (after real life issues took the original leaders elsewhere) the guild progressed to a point whereby a couple of 10 man runs could run concurrently even during some week nights. During the latter stages of The Burning Crusade, through an inter-guild partnership, Champions of Draenor participated in 25 man raids on a near weekly basis. On top of this the guild population and ability allowed for the guild to also run their own solo 25 man raids. Since moving to the Chamber of Aspects realm Champions of Draenor have increased their membership sufficient to allow at least one 25 man raid per week.

Weekly Raid Schedule

No definite raid since CoD is a casual guild; however since the start of 2009 the Guild has raided between 2 and 6 times a week. Thursday nights nearly always have a raid with any other day in the week also making regular appearances on the calendar so that every player gets a chance to raid. 25 man content used to be sometimes done in a partnership with another Horde Guild, Wraiths and Strays and sometimes as a guild only event. Since our move to Chamber of Aspects we raid as a guild only.

Guild Rules

- Be at least 18 years old
- Be courteous and respectful of others
- Swearing in the right context is allowed, but not if it is used to attack another guild member
- Discussion of hacks or exploits used in WoW is strictly forbidden
- Guild members who who haven't been heard from within a 30 day period are liable to be removed from the guild
- All guild members must maintain an active forum account
- Raid instances must be organised and led by a guild member with the rank of champion or above.
- All raids must be signed up to via the use of the Guild Forum
- Guild members must install all of the add-ons detailed in the required add-ons section of the CoD Required Addons
- We DO NOT power level any new character
- Please do not harass any members by asking them to help you out repeatedly
- Please do not spam the trade channel (we class spam as repeatedly asking the same question and using the trade channel for any purpose other than trade related matters)
- Have read and noted the information detailed in the guild stickied notes thread
- Please don't be scared to ask any questions either on the forum or in-game guild chat, we promise we are a very friendly bunch
- In addition to all rules above the GuildMaster's decision is FINAL
- Finally... have fun!


The following people should be able to speak with you in-game if you have any guild related queries:

Chironous, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for recruitment and/or grievances. (Wiki updater)
Sertorius, Deputy Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for recruitment and/or grievances.
Elvera, Deputy Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact for recruitment and/or grievances.
Duroth, Officer 
Guild queries.
Shayda, Officer 
Guild queries.
MelinaPerez, Officer 
Guild queries.
Invigorate, Officer 
Guild queries.
JeanPierre, Officer 
Guild queries.


The guild has it's own Ventrilo server for voice chat. All raids and most instances require the use of it. Details of how to connect to and authenticate against the server can be found on the Guild Forum.

The guild has it's own forum for all guild news, progression and announcements.


Recruitment is currently open. Please visit our guild web site for further information and to post an application.

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