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Overview Edit

Cataclysm is a Guild on the German pvp Server Frostmourne focusing mainly on pve content. But you can also often find us in the Blutdurst Battle group, playing Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin matches. Since The Burning CrusadeBc icon we also have multiple Arena Teams. Cataclysm was founded in 2000 as a CTF and TDM Gaming Clan and also had a CS Squad for some time(shame on us). The main Focus today is of course World of Warcraft.

PVE Progress Edit

Molten Core: Complete
Blackwing Lair: Complete
Ahn'Qiraj: Twin Emperors
Naxxramas: Anub'Rekhan, Instructor Razuvious, Grand Widow Faerlina, Maexxna, Noth The Plaguebringer , Patchwerk, Grobbulus
Karazhan: Complete
Gruul's Lair: Complete
Magtheridon's Lair: Complete
Serpentshrine Cavern: Complete
Tempest Keep: Void Reaver, Al'ar, High Astromancer Solarian

Recruiting Edit

If you want to join us visit our Application Forum on our Website.

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