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Intro Edit

This full Czech/Slovak guild was formed on Drak'thul as PvE group based on friendly feeling and team spirit. We are playing relax RP, enjoying PvE and also fair dealing PvP game.

For more information you can contact GM Wannhornn in game in case of need officers (see

Overview Edit

About Us Edit

  • We are CZ/SK guild on most czech colonized server Drak'thul
  • We are playing for The Horde
  • We are group of team-thinking people oriented to cooperation and fun
  • We disallow brutal PvP and K.O.S behaviour
  • We are playing all style game, PvE, PvP in BG or arena, relax RP for fun
  • We like fun, jokes and pleasure
  • We have guild rank hierarchy
  • We are recuiting faithful, entertaining, smart members
  • We are still growing and forming for all Azeroth, Outlands and Northrend raids
  • We have own DKP system
  • Using TeamSpeak
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