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Horde 32 Server:Bloodfeather Europe

Brothers in Sin Edit

Brothers in Sin is a wast brotherhood, formed by the forsaken priest Halekxius in 2005 on the PvP-realm of Bloodfeather-Europe

Officer team Edit

Guild Master: -Halekx

Master Sinners: -Coy -Halekxia -Horkish -Jossy

Class teams: -Frogstha, druids

-Blabs, hunters

-Coy and Coffincast, mages

-Rozorio and Halekx, priests

-Turdicales and Drazzil, rogues

-Eudoxia, shamans

-Morwa and Gothicreaper, warlocks

-Jossy and Bombadier, warriors

PVE Progress Edit

Molten Core: Ragnaros down. Zul'Gurub: Hakkar down. Ruins of Ahn Quiraj: Buru down. Other bosses: Onyxia down.

One year have passed - A leader's speech to the masses Edit

One year as passed... the flowers are bigger... the boars now have a good size... we can kill them and feast on them... oh, the nostalgy...

I still remember one warm night of August when i decided to build something of my own... 'You are crazy' - Halekxia said- but quickly she changed her mind and joined me... So, there we were... two priests in one Guild. WOOOW!!!! a guild with 100% healers ^^...

Between a couple of cheesy recruitment in the general channel and a few joiners/leavers, we found some realty nice people which from the beginning committed to the brotherhood.

"You are too few"... "You don't have a forum"... "You don't have a TS server"... they said... Damn right we didn't had any of those back then... but we had the will to succeed... and that's what it takes.

Slowly, we started to grow... Telonis, Gipz, Superyu, Poizon... it had begun...Arcon the sheep and re-sheep master, Blackbuffalo the quiet one , Baesj the funny bugger, Jossy the Meatshield (on the mid 30's Halekxia said to me: "he's tanking is excellent"^^... then the "Hooas" came along and the fun continued... Horkish, Nailem, Livid, Severancee, Deathforce... a few more to join the gang (miss you guys)... and Immortal Triad... Coy, Eudoxia, Hambone (Also known as Hamster, Hamsteak, Cheeseham and SHAMdwich) and all the others (thankx for making us stronger). A few more joined us and left us since then... some greedy, some for other matters... But they have all contributed for a litle bit of our history.

May it last one year more

Long live Brothers in Sin... Long live you all!!!!'''''''

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