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Overview Edit

Brotherhood of the Blade is a casual PvE guild with around 100 members that share a common goal of having fun. Our current focus is end game raiding and have been making headway into that content. We do recruit new members, but we are only looking for exceptional people to add to our guild. If you are interested in joining more information on that can be found in this forum or you can contact the following people in game Dek, Bradaek, or Benea.

We currently use a Zero Sum DKP system for most loot determinations and are always actively trying to make the process as fair as possible for all that raid.

History Edit

Brotherhood of the Blade was originally formed in Dark Age of Camelot by a small group of friends. Where the main focus was on RvR in the frontiers. The guild stayed small but had may skilled players that were well known on our server. It was then decided that the guild would be moving onto World of Warcraft once it was released. A small band of previous players started on Argent Dawn and formed our guild again that very first day. Starting out looking forward towards the PvP aspect of the game it soon became clear that our focus came to rest on PvE. Steadily moving towards end game raiding we began to focus more and more on PvE. When the first expansion The Burning Crusade came along we decided that we would push even further towards a PvE goal.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

  • Note: Raid targets are subject to change, but the days/times remain a constant.
  • Currently we are progressing through Sunwell, once our weekly bosses are dead in Sunwell we farm T6 and other old content or call it an early week.

Guild Progress Edit

Current server progression for other guilds along with Brotherhood of the Blade can be found in Server:Argent Dawn US/Guild Progression

Officers Edit

Small list of people that you might need to contact regarding anything relating to the guild or guild recruitment. Other officers are available in game if you have any other concerns that are not covered below.

Dek, Co-Guildmaster 
Contact if there are any problems with the guild webpage or forums.
Bradaek, Co-Guildmaster 
Contact if Dek is not available about problems on the webpage or forums.
Benea, Recruitment 
Contact if you have problems or questions about recruitment.

Code of Conduct Edit

First category is about the interaction of non-guild members.

Be respectful to all the people you meet. You never know when one person might drop a great item on you because you happened to help them out on their first day or something like that.

Respect the emotes in the game. We are playing on an RP server and some of the emotes do not fit all that well with that kind of environment. Please be careful when using them when other members besides BotB members are present.

Try to be fair when dealing with people in game. If a person turns out to be a jerk, take the conversation to private chat and try to talk things out. If the person just wants to piss you off you can just ignore them or refer them to one of the GMs/Officers of the guild to have them chat to. If I (Dek) am around I will be more than happy to help resolve the conflict or at least take matters further up to the other person’s GM.

Second category is about the talking aspect of the server.

Since we are playing on a RP server of WoW all chat in /say and in /yell channels is to be in character. It is not tolerated on the server to be talking about current events and other events that are out of character. This was also stated in the RP server rules when players agreed to play on that server. You can denote out of character chat by ‘ooc’ or by putting the whole statement in with (( )). An example is ‘ooc – I just crashed who was messaging me’ or ((I just crashed who was messaging me)). Either way is acceptable in those channels where other people are listening.

An important note, /1 (general chat) /3 (defense chats) are not required of you to be in character. At this time it is in the RP server rules that they are not enforcing RP in those channels so don’t worry if someone starts giving you a hard time just refer them to the Blizzard site that has the RP server rules on it.

Out of character chat is permitted in the guild chats, any guild groups, or channels we start. If you join a group with other people besides BotB please talk in character unless the other people want to forgo that and talk in normal speech. Be respectful of any players that want to talk in character and play along if you feel the need.

As guild chat and guild groups are not required to RP if certain players wish to chat in character please be respectful of their wishes. RP along if you feel the urge and enjoy the experience of having fun with your guild mates.

Third category is the behavior in guild and to your guild members.

We are all on the same team so respect others wishes. There is quite a bit of banter that most of the senior members pass back and forth. If you wish to join in that is fine but it is usually no holds bar.

If someone is bothering them just ask those people to stop as not everyone appreciates that kind of chatting. Respect the other member’s decision and stop whatever they asked you to stop doing. Please try to resolve the dispute first before taking it to the next level of an Officer or a GM.

Some guild crafters will give discounts or even make items at costs for guild members. This is not required but it is a nice gesture and helps out the guild as a whole since equipment would end up costing less for players.

Letting the guild have first dibs on items is not required nor is it required to give the item away for free. Many of us do just that, but do not feel in the wrong to COD an item at vendor sale cost. The player that pays the COD will get their money back when they sell the item and the donating member will get a little something to continue their own crafts or equipment gains.

Grouping inside the guild is an important part to working together efficiently and better as a whole. If you are making a group try to fill the group with guild members first, usually on a first come first serve basis. If you need a specific class to fill a spot and there is not one on in the guild then it is perfectly fine to ask outside of the guild to fill the spot. Also, during large raids the raid commanders will move members around so you might not always be in the group with your best friends but you will be in a group that is well balanced with what members are participating.

Most importantly is this, if you have a problem with another member, take it private tells and work it out. If the issue is still not being resolved bring the issue to the GMs/Officers and we will mediate and see if there is a sensible resolution. Under no circumstances are you to take this outside the guild. Our issues stay in house, we do not need other people looking in at our conflicts in the guild. If you are found to have posted on a public forum about an internal conflict you will be removed immediately from the guild.

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