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Bloody Phoenix is an all girl, all Canadian PvP guild with a few members and a lot of good times.

Bloody Phoenix was formed on Stonemaul and is dedicated towards blood and honor. We are always recruiting female Canadian PvP'ers of all levels. We have an active vent server for guild members and friends. For more information you can contact Newoikkin, Evanarden, and Hemoclese in game.

Guild progress Edit

We do not raid.

History Edit

Bloody Phoenix was originally formed by Leo and a group of friends shortly after the release of WoW in 2004. The guild was originally created with a focus on PvE. However, overwhelmed by their desire for blood and honor, members strove for higher PvP goals. Recruitment surged as Leo and other members fought to maintain their High Warlord titles. Like most guilds, member activity has had it's ups and downs. While other guilds never recover from periods of low activity, Bloody Phoenix rises out of the ashes growing in strength and experience each time.

Weekly Rated Battleground schedule Edit

  • Monday, 6:30 PM Server - Rated Battlegrounds
  • Sunday, 6:30 PM Server - Rated Battlegrounds

Guild rules Edit

  • Bloody Phoenix is a PVP guild.
  • Nothing is expect of members.
  • Bloody Phoenix competes in Rated Battlegrounds every week regardless of attendance.
  • Although Bloody Phoenix's PvP style is dedicated to the true spirit of the Horde, we have fun and don't rage on other members.

Officers Edit

Newoikkin, King 
Guild leader.
Evanarden, Officer 
Recruit Assessment and Development Officer. Personally vets all recruits to ensure that they meet all necessary requirements. Also provides support and guidance to newly recruited Ashes.
Hemoclese, Officer 
Rated Battleground Leader.
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