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Overview Edit

The Pig and Whistle Society, is a sister guild of Blacksky Company, on the Alliance side of Kirin Tor.

Formed: 2005 Founding Guild Master: Blackbraid

Current Guildmaster: Ilkoland (2013+)

Guild ProgressEdit

Blacksky Company is currently part of a three guild alliance named HordeRaid. The alliance includes Infinite Ascention, Guardians of Legacy, and Blacksky Company. Blacksky Company used to be in a alliance named KTRA (Kirin Tor Raiding Alliance), before The Burning Crusade.

Before Burning Crusade:

After Burning Crusade:


Blacksky Company was formed on December 31st, 2005 as a method for people from the forums to play World of Warcraft with each other. The guild roster can be found at As of December 12, 2007, there are ~300 guild members, though many are alts of other members.

The Guild Master is Blackbraid. We do NOT recruit from the server as a whole, and requests from anyone to join the guild will be met with a link to our forum. We ONLY allow people who read our forum, or have access to it via someone they know outside of World of Warcraft, to join our guild. The forum came first; the guild is a method for people from that forum to enjoy the game.

We do not place any extra emphasis on PvE, PvP, RP, or raiding; each member is free to choose their own involvement in any aspect of the game.

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

Guild RulesEdit

  • The private chat channel is for OOC talk; guild is for IC chat only, or to link items.
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