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Guild: Blacklight (Twisting Nether EU)

About Blacklight Edit

.BLACK.LiGHT. guild is semi-hardcore PvE raiding guild.

2006th Edit

Originally it was formed at Emeriss EU in 2006 by Marader and was called <Marauders>. Later Marader migrated from Emeriss, and Fireball became a new Guild Master. Before TBC release Fireball gone inactive, guild stopped raiding and huge part of a guild left to progressing guilds. A bit later Fireball gave Guild Master rights to Rayde, so he began gathering Karazhan raids. At that time guild still havent any goal, was just a group of friends playing together.

2007th and other TBC Edit

Few months later (spring 2007th) Rayde succeeded in returning back several core raiders and guild started progressing through TBC content. Before 3.0.0 patch release guild was 3rd Horde guild on Emeriss via Wowjutsu and was farming whole PvE content up to SWP. At that time core Marauders's members decided to migrate from empty Emeriss to more populated realm and in autumn 2008th we've made <Blacklight> on Outland. Before WotLK release guild was killing everything up to Kil'Jaeden in SWP. In patch 3.3 Outland lags and queues became critical for gameplay, so the guild transferred to Executus EU.

WotLK Edit

10.11.2010 guild killes every mob including Lich King 25m heroic.


In Cataclysm we cleared 7/13 - 25 man in heroic mode. Once 4.2 (Firelands) arrived we killed Shannox 25 man in heroic mode with ease, but unfortunately at this point the guild split. Part of guild migrated to Stormscale - EU to play 10 men (on flexible terms). And the remainder of the guild (core Raiders and officers) decided to continue 25 man raiding at standard level. Our latest and hopefully last migration is due to the death of Executus – EU. Unfortunately the realm population has reduced to such an extent that only a few guilds remain & survive. We migrated from Executus to Twisting Nether EU.

Recruitment Edit

Players wanted Edit

At the moment we're looking for more active, skilled and dedicated players to join us in raiding hi-end PvE content.

We demand high level of maturity with faculties to handle impartial assessment of criticism. Players which going emotional about items not able to loot are not welcome in our guild. Your gear have to fit more or less our current raid content, fully enchanted, correctly gemmed. Having a raid spot demands from you to push your abilities to the maximum level to be engage in competition with other raid members. Whether it is a damage dealing or healing, you are expected to perform equally or better to the other players in the raid. You have to understand your class game mechanics from A to Z, able to use non-trivial abilities on boss fights. Be ready and know boss encounters from several points of views.

Raiding times / Loot systemEdit

Our raiding times are: Sunday (19.30-22.30) Monday (19.30-22.30) Wednesday (19.30-22.30) We use loot counsil system with loot restrictions addition, details you can find on our web site.

Contacts Edit

For requirement status & additional information please visit recruitment forums or contact ingame Rayde, Nerxo, Exogenesis.

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