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Guild: Blacklight (Executus EU)

About Blacklight

.BLACK.LiGHT. guild is semi-hardcore PvE raiding guild.


Originally it was formed at Emeriss EU in 2006 by Marader and was called <Marauders>. Later Marader migrated from Emeriss, and Fireball became a new Guild Master. Before TBC release Fireball gone inactive, guild stopped raiding and huge part of a guild left to progressing guilds. A bit later Fireball gave Guild Master rights to Rayde, so he began gathering Karazhan raids. At that time guild still havent any goal, was just a group of friends playing together.

2007th and other TBC

Few months later (spring 2007th) Rayde succeeded in returning back several core raiders and guild started progressing through TBC content. Before 3.0.0 patch release guild was 3rd Horde guild on Emeriss via Wowjutsu and was farming whole PvE content up to SWP. At that time core Marauders's members decided to migrate from empty Emeriss to more populated realm and in autumn 2008th we've made <Blacklight> on Outland. Before WotLK release guild was killing everything up to Kil'Jaeden in SWP. In patch 3.3 Outland lags and queues became critical for gameplay, so the guild transferred to Executus EU.


At the moment (10.11.2010) guild killes every mob including Lich King 25m heroic.


Players wanted

At the moment we're looking for more active, skilled and dedicated players to join us in raiding hi-end PvE content.

Raiding times

Our raiding times are: 20:30-23:30; Sun, Mon, Tue, Wen, Thu.


For requirement status & additional information please visit recruitment forums or contact ingame Rayde, Smallhealer, Nerxo, Bubroid, Kinzzo, Huntingmoms.

Cataclysm 25-Man Kills history

Blackwing Descent Throne of the Four Winds Bastion of Twilight
Magmaw - 29.12.2010 Conclave of Wind - 03.01.2011 Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Toxitron - 20.12.2010 Al'Akir Valiona and Theralion
Maloriak - 22.12.2010 Twilight Ascendants - 17.01.2011
Atramedes - 10.01.2011 Cho'gall - 18.01.2011
Chimaeron - 10.01.2011 Sinestra

WotLK 25-Man Kills history

Ulduar Trial of the Crusader Trial of the Grand Crusader Icecrown Citadel Icecrown Citadel Heroic Ruby Sanctum Ruby Sanctum Heroic
Cleared Cleared (Insanity) Cleared (Insanity) Cleared 11/12 Cleared 0/1
Orbit-uary Beasts of Northrend Beasts of Northrend Lord Marrowgar Lord Marrowgar Halion Halion

Ignis the Furnace Master Lord Jaraxxus Lord Jaraxxus Lady Deathwhisper Lady Deathwhisper
Razorscale Faction Champions Faction Champions Gunship Battle Gunship Battle
Heartbreaker Twin Val'kyr Twin Val'kyr Deathbringer Saurfang Deathbringer Saurfang
I Choose You, Steelbreaker Anub'arak Anub'arak Festergut Festergut
Kologarn Rotface Rotface
Crazy Cat Lady Professor Putricide Professor Putricide
Firefighter Blood Prince Council Blood Prince Council
Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood Blood-Queen Lana'thel Blood-Queen Lana'thel
Lose Your Illusion Valithria Dreamwalker Valithria Dreamwalker
I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare Sindragosa Sindragosa
I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning The Lich King The Lich King
One Light in the Darkness
Algalon the Observer
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